Extra-Crunchy Carb UP Burrito #veganneeds ~with a twist!

Soo, I came across “Vegan Needs” and started following immediately. She posts great high carb vegan meals which is what Continue reading “Extra-Crunchy Carb UP Burrito #veganneeds ~with a twist!”

super micro salad PLUS gettin’ pasta saucy

Picking fresh lettuce leaves from the garden is one of the best feelings that comes along in the summertime. Even if it is only four leaves. Continue reading “super micro salad PLUS gettin’ pasta saucy”

ice cream for breakfast?

Winding down to the end of a HOT Saturday in July! And what's better than ice cream on a hot day? How about ice cream for breakfast? Yep, this dichotomous hot and cold breakfast incorporates filling and fruity fiber, peanut butter, cinnamon and a hint of vanilla! Continue reading “ice cream for breakfast?”

ebb & flow

I scurried down a steep rock face using my hands to grab onto the edge of boulders as I felt out good places to put my shoes as I climbed down towards the sea. My bike should be okay up there. I don’t think anyone would steal it. Nahh, it’s a small island. I’ll turn around and check on it every couple of minutes. I placed my foot on what I thought to be a sturdy rock but it wobbled back and forth as I Continue reading “ebb & flow”

Typical Scorpio Life Quote: I’ve been fishin’ in the wrong pond

Do you ever look around yourself and think “I’ve been fishing in the wrong pond”? For too long I’ve been trying to, as Gretchen Wieners once said, “make fetch happen” when it comes to diet and lifestyle. But unfortunately, for Gretchen and myself, fetch just isn’t going to happen. A great man once said “love is like a fart;

Continue reading “Typical Scorpio Life Quote: I’ve been fishin’ in the wrong pond”

breaking da fast

This morning I woke up 4:49 AM, decided it was too soon, and woke up again at 6:00 on the dot. Last night I went to bed a tad later than I have been (at 10:15ish instead of 9:30) and think I felt it a little this morning. Or it could’ve had something to do with the fact that I was sea kayaking all yesterday morning for the first time this season, walked two dogs for an hour right beforehand, biked home, showered, changed, bike back to the ferry & ran like hell to get there, am 90% sure a ton of people saw my bare buttocks as I ran to the boat because Continue reading “breaking da fast”

first thing’s first

Thanks to Len Fleischer from Keene State College, I ended up on this site today! He was my professor for my Honors capstone class during my senior year of college (September-January 2013-’14) in which each student had to write an autobiography and tell his/her life story. After five months, including one month of re-writing and editing about forty pages of information I had already written thanks to a crashed hard-drive, my 80something page story was written and handed in.

At the beginning of the semester 80 pages seemed like a lot to write about solely myself. And of course as time went on, Continue reading “first thing’s first”