God, Love & Prayer

Is God all you need to love and be loved? Explore below 😉

At Peace

I am at peace. Because I am in Peace. You are Peace. The Prince of Peace. Thank you for protecting me from every storm. Thank you for sustaining me even during the drought. Even during the heat. I will not fear the terror of night. I will not fear the arrow that flies by day.… More

Morning Prayer

It was so nice to wake up early today and walk! The air was not as cool as I thought. The weather said 66 degrees and I assumed it would feel like 50 degrees because it’s been so hot here lately. But it felt perfect. It was one of those mornings where I was absolutely… More

Take Five

I’ma just take five minutes or so and write whatever on earth comes to my mind. So. We started our painting company. And… it’s been a busy summer! I can’t beLIEVE we are here mid-way through August. The last 7 weeks have absolutely FLOWN by. I’m just glad my husband and I made some intentional… More

Trusting You

Trusting you… What exactly does this mean? Knowing that you’ll follow through and do what you’d say you were going to do. Depending on you. Because you are dependable. Leaving it to you, because you’ll get it done. I say that I trust you with my tongue. Now time to practice that. I give you… More


I look around and see your provision. Everything I see has been given to me! Thank you for filling my life with so much goodness. Knowing you is so sweet. Knowing the depth of your love and care and provision is incredible. It’s one thing to say the truth with words; it’s another to believe… More

Examples of Love

If you’re wondering if you really love somebody or if somebody really loves you or ever loved you, here are a few examples that show what love does and Who love is. Love inquires when a need is present. Do you need help? Do you need anything? How can I help you? Love reminds. Remember… More


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