God, Love & Prayer

Is God all you need to love and be loved? Explore below 😉

Examples of Love

If you’re wondering if you really love somebody or if somebody really loves you or ever loved you, here are a few examples that show what love does and Who love is. Love inquires when a need is present. Do you need help? Do you need anything? How can I help you? Love reminds. Remember… More

Spring is in the air

It’s only February 10, but it truly feels like Spring is in the air! I have never been so excited for Springtime in all my life. I’m from northeastern USA where spring is wet and muddy. Snow and ice are melting, and the ground is soft and soggy. It’s still cold and maybe snowy until… More


Lord, I am asking for your help today. I need help being obedient in the little things. I need help tending to the daily chores such as cooking and cleaning up, doing laundry, tidying up the house. I need help being obedient in this season of life, where although it is a fun season of… More

A small life, I won’t have

A quiet life, yes. But not a small one. A quality life, yes. But not a boring one. A quickened life, yes. Not a depressed one. He came to bring life, and life to the full. The abundant. A life filled with joy. A life covered in peace, where the anxiety is drowned out, seeped… More

Trusting You For This Day

Lord, It’s like this. Whatever it is that you’ve called me to do this day, I shall do it. And not resent it. I shall happily accept whatever it is that you have laid before me, that you have put on my plate, with joy. I will not be bitter. I will not complain. I… More

thank you

for the rain that brings a grey shadow to my windows and make the flowers grow while I sleep a bit longer and I thank you for all the challenges that are presented day to day in word and deed that cause me to grow bigger than this mushroom okay, maybe not physically not physically… More


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