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a new year

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2022 and I’m EXCITED! To be alive and to be able to plan out some fun thangs ta do. Ps. It’s been a HOT minute since I’ve written anything on here. But I’ve got the motivation today and am so excited to return to one of my dearest loves: writing. And planning. And being… More

Slow learner (and pretty photos)

Seriously? I have an ice pack on my groin. Y’know why? Cuz I just went surf-skating. And uhh I didn’t warm up. Unless you count bombing down a hill for 15 seconds before jumping off the board so I didn’t die and then pulling a muscle in my downstairs. Yahhh cool beans. First of all.… More

People remember

kind acts. Kind acts go a long, long way. This morning I was reminded of when some random people lent me and my BFF their $650 tent in the woods when we were backpacking the John Muir Trail in California in 2014. These two folks were observing our ginormous 8 pound, 8-person tent that the… More

photo of parked motorcycle

First motorcycle ride (and reflecting on alcohol)

Eeeeeeeeeeeeek ohmigoodness guys. I am SO nervous and excited right now! Mostly excited 😀 because I’m about to go on my FIRST EVER motorcycle ride!!!!!!! Hahahaha seriously this is hilarious that I’m even doing this. I definitely did NOT anticipate this or plan it. Lol but the other night I was talking to a friend… More

“Too much prep”

“Too much prep” He said as he saw me scraping the old wax off this board and starting to rewax it. “That sport requires too much prep.” Hey buddy, it’s not for everyone… but I’m not gonna trade it for a few minutes of TLC. Though there are SOME things in life that can definitely… More

The Summary of Surfing

“So like, where are the waves?” Was the question running through my mind yesterday afternoon. The answer soon came from this summary of surfing: Surfing is 80% paddling and 20% surfing. 😂 #patience Patience on the water seems easier to have because you’re anticipating that next perfect wave that will be both challenging and satisfying. And… More


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