The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers’ Award!

You know, there’s something extremely pleasant about being acknowledged for existing. Haha honestly, when I saw that veganneeds nominated me for this “award” my heart skipped a beat! Folks, life is about the little things. Actions speak louder than words. Thanks chica for putting my name out there! <3

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  • Answer questions set by the person who nominates you.
  • Nominate and notify 10 other bloggers (I’m guessing it has to be ladies based on award title? Sorry gents :/)
  • Ask them 10 new questions.


what is your favorite food?
oh geez that’s a hard one!! right now… probably pasta. i’ve been eating a LOT of pasta lately. or any fruit. love my fruits. don’t get me started on last frutas c;
what’s your favorite movie?
umm well there’s always the Harry Potter series. my class was definitely the year of HP fanatics. what can I say. there’s something appealing about scrawny boys with magical powers. orrr Devil Wears Prada? that’s a pretty great one. and then LOTR. im sounding like some sort of… nerd… but all in all I’m not a big movie person. perhaps I should say Forks Over Knives. that movie’s more relevant. :p
Why or How did you start blogging?
wheeeeeel I’ve always been a writer. and always enjoyed writing. and I love spreading news to people. I’m an activist and have a lot of passion inside of me that needs to be channelled through a medium. words are my medium. a blog was a great place to start ;~)
what is your favorite subject to write about?
probablyy…. food. or philosophy. food philosophy. nah. but recipes… and just sorta inspirational posts and posts that inspire introspection
what are you most passionate about?
[food] [environmental] [social] justice. empathy. equality
If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?
the love of money
Name one figure you would like to meet and why>
this is actually a really difficult question. first I thought, the owner of Monsanto or big oil or big pharma companies, just to see and understand their perspective… why they do the things they do. then I thought, someone positive. that’s working against the digressive movements and trying to forward health and equality. but I know if I tried hard enough I could meet anyone I wanted. so maybe I should aim for somebody dead. like Ghandi. someone who lived in a different time and tried to stop things from going badly before they got real bad. yeah, how about Ghandi. for being one of the ultimate activists of all time.
name 2 objects you can’t live without?
(1) my brown hairbrush that my mom gave to me when I was old enough to brush my own hair. five? that was hers growing up, passed from her mother. either a really grimy hairbrush, or a timeless well-made heirloom c; and (2) my wristwatch! I have a pretty sick watch–tan that I’ll have to upload a picture of soon.  :p
what is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
check the time. drink some water. use the bathroom. start dream journalling! how about the first four things? :}
Cats or dogs?
dogs. never had cats growing up because my dad’s allergic. though the only dog I ever liked was our dog, Marshmallow. a white Jack Russell Terrier with a toasted brown ear. we got her when I was five. she just passed a few days ago! love you Marsh! haha but it’s all good everyone, she was 18. PLUS I like other dogs now. I’m a dog walker, so. Let’s hope I like dogs.


Thanks again to veganneeds for da nomination!! Now it’s my turn to nominate. Though I’m SO brand new I don’t quite have ten ladies! How about five?! ;~)

MY NOMINATIONS:1. thepoppyseedbee

2. nannygrannie

3. Tracy earth girl diet

4. veganbun

5. Cristal


1. earliest childhood memory?

2. favorite name for a girl

3. do you want kids? how many?

4. what did you/do you want to go to school for?

5. opinion on 9-5 jobs?

6. you can bring one thing to a deserted island (can’t be a boat or anything electronic c;)

7. do you dream in chocolate?

8. agree or disagree: we shouldn’t put anything on our skin that we wouldn’t put into our mouths

9. agree or disagree: climate change is real

10. 5 things in your purse/backpack/tote bag right now

Cheers ladies!! <3

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