breaking da fast

This morning I woke up 4:49 AM, decided it was too soon, and woke up again at 6:00 on the dot. Last night I went to bed a tad later than I have been (at 10:15ish instead of 9:30) and think I felt it a little this morning. Or it could’ve had something to do with the fact that I was sea kayaking all yesterday morning for the first time this season, walked two dogs for an hour right beforehand, biked home, showered, changed, bike back to the ferry & ran like hell to get there, am 90% sure a ton of people saw my bare buttocks as I ran to the boat because I was commando with a long skirt and a backpack, and the skirt rode up on me as I ran– I found out to my HORROR as I rounded the last corner to the boat, mouthing “OH MI GOSH” with wide eyes to some random lady I didn’t know as I pulled down my skirt back to where it should’ve fallen behind my knees as I felt the breeze on my cheeks… The lady looked at me confused and slightly offended, not realizing my situation and likely thinking I was repulsed by her existence– and met my friends on the other side to go out to eat and see BERNIE SANDERS YUSSSS.


The turnout for Bernie was awesome. 7.5k+ people. Feel the Bern!

In other words, it was a long day yesterday, so it makes sense that I was a little tired this morning.

The bare butt thing, by the way, I’ve decided to repress, until somebody dares to bring it up to me. The chance that at least five people saw my butt yesterday is pretty high because the island is pretty popular in the summertime and I definitely jogged by quite a few people that were coming from the boat as I was rushing towards it. There were also people out gardening, hanging out smoking on benches, walking their dogs, and bicycling around. I didn’t hear any snickering or shouts of pure terror, so hopefully it’s all good. Not that the sight of my bare butt would be that frightening… I’ve been told that I have the body of Beyonce, with a “great” and “admirable” butt that people actually want. Well it’s up for grabs, figuratively, not literally, ya perves, if anyone would like to try and fit it into their pants.

Okay, this post was supposed to be about food.


Pictured above is a raw daikon (radish) salad that I ordered last night to start off my deLICIOUS dinner at Miyake <3 <3. I didn’t take any other pics of what I ordered because my BFF, her mama and I were sharing several different plates and kept falling out of our chairs each time we took a bite, so I didn’t wanna break my camera. ;~)

Trust me, they were all delicious. Come check dis place out!!


This morning I started out the day with 2 navel oranges and a cup of organic green tea with a fresh medallion of ginger in it. I don’t have beverages with caffeine every day but today I was feelin’ a nice cup of tea with a zing of ginger to lift my morning grog.

About an hour later I had the beautiful plate of watermelon shown above. It was 1/4 of a 13 pound organic watermelon from my local food co-op. Sweet, juicy and delicious. A half hour later I had 2 pieces of banana-date bread that my roommate’s friend baked for her. She gave me the rest of the loaf! “Sticky bread” is what she called it. It was amazing. And vegan! Can’t beat it.

T h e n   I   m a d e   a   s i m p l e   s m o o t h i e   w i t h :

3 small bananas

3 medjool dates

1 T peanut butter

and about a cup&ahalf of water

Threw it in the ninja and blended for ~15 seconds.

Creamy. Sweet. Milky. Vegan. Delicious.

It’s 10:00 AM and I’m feelin’ super carbed up and (almost) ready to go on a run before going to nanny today.

Now go out there, find 5 things you’re grateful for, and carpe diem mis amigos!!


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