is it too early for bed?

okay, it’s 8:02 and I’m legit ready to hit the hay.

I’m glad I have a bed that isn’t hay btw

My scrumptious, delectable firm feathery pillow is VUNDABAH!

It probably costs $100. I did not pay for it btw

But I’ll have to buy myself one!

Weird though, to think of someone else using my pillow after me… like after I drooled through the pillow case into the actual pillow for years.


Hopefully nobody will want to sleep on it after me. I should has it for myself


SO what are you guys doin’ tonight? Maybe something more exciting than me? I ate some ground turkey bolognese type thang for dinner. Then did some reading and writing. PSYCH there isn’t anything more exciting than that. Food & good books. Yip

Well, ice cream and cuddling is nice too. Let’s just say they make the list. 🙂

Tomorrow I’m going to the beach! Hoorah! It should be fun. I’m going with some folks from my church/bible study. It’s supposed to be PERFECT weather tomorrow. I just hope I don’t tire of the beach after an hour and turn into a crispy lobster and want to get za heck outta there. Cuz uhhh I’m carpooling with 2 people. 🙁 So I won’t have a choice. But there’s something about riding on group energy yknowmsayn?

Lord help me.

Pray for me guys. For once I’m not working on a Saturday but I’m locked into traveling to the beach for like, all day. And then there’s a birthday party afterwards. AHhhgghhh.

it’ll be fun. it’ll be fun. it’ll be fun. That’s what I’m telling myself. heheh 😛


On a different note, I was feeling down for a few seconds earlier tonight when I got outta work. This is because a nurse chick showed up and made me feel bad about my lack of credz. It’s because I’m trying to be a writer guys. OKAY?????? Sum1 please throw me a pity party

Naw, I’m jk. I might be a starving artist, but I’M OKAY

No, jk fo rull. Life is good. And God’s timing is impeccable! I’m really not arguing with the way things have turned out. I’m taking small steps towards my future every day and I’m trusting and believing that God will bless my next steps.

Satan was just tryna get me down with a bunch of hooey lies. And I dint believe him heheh NOT TADAY SATAYNE!

Why am I like this. *facepalm*

Anyway, whenever you start to feel depressed about something, push back with praise. I’m not trying to undermine how serious clinical depression is. I just know that Satan tries to get control of our minds, and if we aren’t protected against his efforts, if we aren’t expecting him to attack, and if we haven’t figured out our defense techniques, he’ll get into our heads and change our perspective from joy to hopelessness. Don’t let him have the satisfaction.

So that’s what I did earlier. I took that thought captive and prayed over it, rebuked it, praised the Lord, and moved on with my evening. Boom.

God’s Word is power. Hide it in your hearts folks. When you hide it in your heart, the Truth is the thing that will rise to the surface when you need to think on your feet. <3

8:15pm. Still a bit too earlies for beds. Hmmm

Oh, I guess I could pack for the beach tomorrow. Oh, and think about when ze heck I have to leave here. 7:50am. I have to leave at 7:50. Okay, now that that’s done.


make a salad. I could do that I guess. Don’t feel like. Uhhh

Btw if I go to bed at 8:45 I’ma be up at 4:45. That’s entirely okay with me though; I’ll get good reading and writing done. Hmmm.

Okay quick list for tomorrow:

bathing suit, towel. blanket? sunscreen? crumb I don’t have any.


Guys last time I brought this thing to the beach I barely even used it myself. I ended up tugging my friend around on it in the water. I definitely thought about capsizing him but the water was freezing and I was feeling kind. Hehe 😉

Though I *DID* take a nap on it in the sand. Anyway, should be a fun thing to have around tomorrow! Everyone loves it <3 Hopefully I don’t get a hernia from blowing it up though… (don’t even know what that is, but my dad said it one time when he was blowing up balloons when I was like 7 and I started saying it in front of adults to make them laugh… still don’t know what it is)

…Okay so I just googled “hernia” and wish I hadn’t. A hernia is: “a bulging of an organ or tissue through an abnormal opening”. I refuse to look at any images. Again, NOT TODAY SATAN


I’m going to go pray before going to bed.

Oh wait, the list:

swimsuit, towel, pizza, salad for lunch, baseball cap… book (which I won’t read lol), phone charger… birthday card for my frand? wallet… comb… toiletries? oh dear. I don’t know if I’ll be showering after the beach. uggh. I haven’t been without-car for soo long. lol #thestruggleisreal

The rest I will think about tomorrow. OH! Cereal for my other friend. A low carb cereal I want him to try. Ummm

K it’s 8:28, I’m over dis. TTyL fam



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