inside all day

so today I was inside mostly all day. Except for a short 30ish minute walk in the heat. I slept in, listened to today’s devotion from the “Bible in One Year” app, had coffee and breakfast, did some bible reading, played my guitar and sang…

sent out some emails, searched for some apartments…

did some reading.

Ate lunch.

Did some writing. Ate some yogurt.

Went for a walk. Made some phone calls. Took a shower.

Ate some dinner. And have been watching videos on spiritual warfare. Might talk to a friend in a minute. Gonna go to bed soonish.

I have work tomorrow from 9-6. Afterwards I’m not sure what I’m doing yet, but possibly writing!

Saturday I’m going to the beach, and then maybe to a birthday party, or to Latin Fest.

Sunday I have church shtuff, then resting and reading…….. possibly a dancing event and then work.

August is almost here. I feel so mundane right now. I just misspelled mundane into “mundance”. I guess a boring dance could be known as a mundance. hehe

I could go dancing right now. If I wasn’t an old maid, maybe I would. No, just kidding. I just have a lot of making up to do/nights at home from all the late nights I had earlier this year. I did a lot of staying up and not a lot of sleeping, and now my body thanks me for slowing down.

One time my friend told me that it’s okay to do nothing. I guess I feel like I always ought to be doing something. Actively working. Being productive.

I’ve reached a lull tonight though. I’m gonna go to sleep soon and then get up early tomorrow! Excited to wake up early and pray, have coffee, do some reading and writing 🙂

Have a productive work day… and then decide what to do with my night and weekend mostly off.

Oh Lord. I thank you for your provision. Thank you for ordaining my steps. Thank you for watching over me and bringing fruit to my life. Lord thank you for your patience. You model what perfect patience looks like. Trusting, having faith, even when we can’t see and don’t know the outcome of something. But I do believe your promises. I know how you care for me. I know how you love me and how nothing can or will ever change that. I know how you’re transforming me to look more like Christ and making me into such a diamond. I love thee and would have nothing without you. Thank you for my rest tonight, my bed, my health… my hope. Amen.

Hava good night everyone!




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