another morning has arrived. Praise the Lord! I’m glad He got me up today. He allowed me to, anyway. I love waking up naturally and not feeling tired. It’s wonderful. Having enough sleep is SUCH a blessing. I am thankful.

And to think I could’ve done something about this a long time ago. Hahah

But for my non-confrontational personality, “inconveniencing” somebody else is never my first choice. I will choose to bend to other’s wills before my own if I can help avoid hurting someone’s feelings. But then there are the times that I don’t put other’s feelings before my own.

Lemme pause, it’s good to be considerate of people’s feelings and not set out to make anyone else’s life harder, but choosing whether or not to have a conversation shouldn’t be so earth-shaking if it might involve stepping on a toe, or making someone annoyed or uncomfortable…. especially if the premise is to make life better.

For example: I had a hard conversation via texts the other day. NOTE next time I will respond to the first message by saying “I’d much prefer to talk about this in person. When are you free?”

Anywho, that is not what I did. We texted back and forth for a bit, and the person I was texting with was angry with me, so they were probably interpreting my responses as coming back as angry and bitter as they were feeling. Not cool and not true! I saw that person the next day and asked if they wanted to talk and they said no. I don’t feel that it’s been resolved. So we are going to talk today. :O

We’ll see how that goes! Naww, but I’ve been praying a lot and feel pretty good about this whole thing. I know where I stand, I know I wasn’t in the wrong, and I know that this person in hurting. The good news is, they aren’t saved yet. So I’ve been praying a lot for their salvation.

God says I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm-neither hot nor cold-I am about to spit you out of my mouth.” Revelation 3:15-16

God wishes we were either HOT for Him or COLD towards Him; not lukewarm.

I heard a great sermon the other day that referenced this verse. They said that God doesn’t want us to be on the fence, choosing God’s will and God’s ways today and our will and the world’s ways tomorrow. If we are all the way committed to being against Him, we will reach rock bottom more quickly! God WANTS us to be dependent on Him! He wants us to realize how badly we need a savior and then come to see that God sent us Jesus to do that very thing: save us from our sins. Teach us in the way we should go. Reconcile us to God. Give us the peace of Christ. Change us by the Holy Spirit to live a righteous life.

So I’m praying for this conversation to go well. Either way, I won’t react, I won’t get all up in anyone’s face. I won’t be surprised by any anger channeled towards me. I realize this person is taking out a whole slew of problems on me and I’m choosing to forgive them before they say they are sorry. I’m choosing to look at what they must be feeling in their heart during this hard time: frustration, loss of control, hopelessness.

Remember my people, the war is not against the flesh and blood; it’s in the spirit. Ephesians 6:12.

Hope you have a BLESSED Friday. I am working 9-6 and then hopefully going dancing later if my left knee permits me. It’s bein’ a leeeetle funkay today. Gotta be careful. If I do dance it will be brief since I’ve been seriously loving going to bed early and getting up early, feeling rested. I love enjoying my quiet time with the Lord in the morning.

Love you all! <3



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