I’m going to bed. Can’t wait! It’s gonna be awesome.

I really have been LOVE-ing this going to bed early stuff.

Watched a couple videos on the parasympathetic nervous system last night and saw how if I’m not resting enough, my body can’t recover properly and I will be more stressed, depressed, and will hold onto weight. It’s bad for weight loss.

That might explain a few things! I’ve struggled with weight loss forever and ever Amen. I’ve also ran from one thing to the next constantly. Perhaps a correlation!

Bottom line: I know I need to rest more. Chill. Read. Listen to or play music. Sing. Sleep. Nap. Take a restful walk. Pray. Low-key hang out with friends. I’m good at some of these better than others. But sleeping more lately has been GOLD.

That is all. More later!




2 thoughts on “10:00pm

    1. Dang. I totes understand. Naps must be your friend if you have to get up early. But thank you… I seriously feel WAY better allowing 8 hours in bed. 😊 I hope you can ween off the late nights.

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