I don’t know what to say

I have looked at the messages a dozen times and I simply don’t know what to say.

What’s the proper response I should illicit to the words “are you okay?”

I AM okay but no thanks to you; there are certain things you shouldn’t say or do

I don’t feel respected and maybe it’s me; I guess I’m not ready for who you want me to be

Alone is now where I want to be, or away from you to say the least

It’s funny because I’ve only known you for three weeks

Yet the amount of times you’ve pissed me off is a tell-tale sign I should call things off

I don’t want to be irritated every time I think of the person that I allegedly want to “be with”




I’ve been asking God and myself, am I the one with the problem here?

But the feelings I feel are the same feelings I felt when I went on the worst date of my life.

It was the first and only time I checked the clock and thought to myself “My God, it’s only been 40 minutes!!!”

Sooo yeah time to take a step back. Two or three actually would be good.

To be continued


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