good morning

it is a GOOD morning. 9:26 am. I went to bed at like 10 last night and woke up at 4:00 which was weird. My brothers were awake too so it was like a weird little dawn party. Though it wasn’t very cheery on my end. I was like “GUYS there is a sheet separating us. Not a door. So shhhhhh”.

I wasn’t ready to carpe diem quite yet 😉

Though when I laid back down having had 6 hours of sleep I was like hmm well maybe I should actually get up. So I considered opening my laptop and doing some typing. But I figured the clacking of the keys would bother them and they’d be like wooow okay, you told us to be quiet but you aren’t even sleeping???


So I tried to go back to sleep instead. It worked eventually. And at 8:00am I got up and started doing shtuff.

I’m about to get dressed and go hiking with my younger siblings! It’s only 23 degrees here but the sky is BLUE and it is nice and sunny! We are gonna hike a small, local mountain. Ahhh I seriously miss NH. Freals. Mm. Da mountains. Da scenery. Yep. Unforch there aren’t a ton of views atop Bald Mountain, buuuuuuuut we’ll be able to get a couple good pics. 🙂


Gotta love hiking in New Hampshire in the wintertime! It was only 30 degrees but it was fine once we started moving! 😀 😀 😀

Go on an adventure today y’all! Get outside! I always feel great as soon as I start moving. it’s putting on your shoes and actually heading out the door that’s the hardest part 😉

xoxoxo <3


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