so uhh

I went to Chunky’s with my family today and we saw Mary Poppins Returns. It was pretty cute! I got a burger with bacon and cheese on it though annnnd tater tots annnnnd I feel sooo tired and full now. And that was four hours ago that I ate that. Haaha whyyyyyyeeeeee

it’s only 8:37 and too early to go to bed! Plus my lil bro and I are leaving to head back down south at 8:00am. So I kinda think I should hang with fam

but then i’m here typing to the internets instead. hahaah but lesbehonest this post is NAHT gonna take all that long!

ALSO I got monies to put towards an audio interface for Christmas which I’m SUPARE excited about because that means I can start recording some tunes en mi casa! The only flaw with that plan is I am so dang busy and never home. LOL

Soooo I’ma have to make time to record la musica. Fo reals. And write. Fo reals. Though I do just kinda wanna get up earlies each day and write then. But I usually am bible studying in the mornings and only have time for that. SOo


But then also I want to try only sleeping for 6-7 hours a night instead of 7-8. Although I always seem to require way more sleep than I allot for myself. But then again that may have to do with making poor eating choices. Hahah it’s not like I feel bad about myself for eating junk nowadays, but eating junk does make my phyical body feel mehhhhh

Like the mountain of tots I ate with linner earlier. That may be contributing to my lethargy. But also idk, I’ve felt nauseous on and off all day. Well, mainly in the car ride on the way to and from Chunks. Granted it’s a 45-50 minute ride and I was sitting in the back seat. It’s so weird to have sat there cuz I can’t remember the last time I did sit in the back of a car if not for a short trip. Hmmmmmmmmmmm

Anyways. 2 days til NYE and I don’t have plans solidified. With the exception of knowing I will be salsa dancing somewhere 😉 <3 😉 <3


OH GUYS last night I met a born again Christian at a local bar! It was super encouraging because I often think of New England as so dead and dark spiritually (cuz it IS super weird up here) but GOD IS WORKING!!! #emmanuel #Godwithus #lightwins #victory

I dunno if it makes any sort of sense to use hashtags on WordPress but I don’t really care because they really help sum up how I feel about meeting that Christian.

AHhh… I am all packed for my trip and contemplating going to freakin bed hahaha I’m a bum. but really, I’m not a bum at all. I have been running around doing shtuff all dang week. So many plans with so many peoples (including spending time with my family members) but it has taken a lot of energy! And I really haven’t had much alone time. And there’s been lots of music playing in the background nonstop which begins to irritate me for sure after a while. Plus I walked 5 miles with my dad, then hiked a mountain the next day, then walked several miles today, all in the cold weather (which is fine cuz I stayed warm with my clothes) but yknow my body is tired.

Emotional shtuff regarding family affects me as well. and then tomorrow will be in da car for 13 hours soo there’s that. But I’m excited to be back in VA! Fo sho.

8:51 can I go to bed now? Lol

I mean nobody is stopping me. I would kinda rather go to bed meow and then get up and have some quiet reading and writing time in the morning while drinking some cawfee, and then maybe talk to my stepma and dad before leaving. I just pray my little brother gets up. Also he is not packed and his area looks like a sty. By area I mean sleeping/room area. lollll felt the need to clarify that for whatever reason.

Also, what I learned today (for the 50th time in my life) is when something is bothering me about somebody, it’s best to go to that very person and bring it up rather than avoiding them and the situation and letting the thing fester. Especially if they have no idea that you are bothered. so that has been my world the last couple days and today I bit the bullet and called the person and we had a great conversation and now everything is fine! even better than before honestly. so that’s a thing!


mmk that’s enough for now! more l8r frands!




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