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Happy New Years Eve everyone! I am back in Virginia after THE car ride from hell. Hahah for reals it was terrible because I was extremely nauseous the entire day. Yeaaaah I ended up throwing up the night before at 3am after going to bed at 9pm. I dunno what it was but that nausea was real and no joke annnd throwing up helped a leetle beet but I still felt sick all day ;( which is a terrible way to feel before going on a suuuuuuuuuper long car ride. I don’t recommend it, or wish it upon anyone!

Thankfully my little broski drove all da way from New Hampshire to Harrisburg PA where he caught a bus back to Pittsburgh. I tried driving for a little bit after he had driven for 4+ hours but I couldn’t keep my eyes open so we switched back and he drove the last hour! It was really sad hahaha

When he started driving I took 750mg of Tylenol and proceeded to nap. I took a 20 minute cat nap which was AMAZING and definitely drooled inside of my coat hood. Hahaaaaa I needed that. Tell-tale sign of having fallen asleep.

I considered spending the night in Harrisburg and finishing off the drive the next morning (today) but I am SO glad I was able to do it last night. It was only 4 hours and 20 minutes, and I felt okay to eat some foods… which was good since I was definitely lacking in energy what-with having thrown up what I ate the day before and not eaten all day yesterday. So I ate some food and drove Bach and got home before midnight!

Hurrah! Glad to be back in VA. Today I’ve definitely gotten a warm welcome from my housemates and have been relaxing, doing laundry, unpacking, and making sense of my bank accounts, bills, etc. Since tomorrow is January 1st, 2019 :O I wanted to make sure my accounts were all squared away for tax-purposes. Crazy mon, almost time to do taxes again. It seems only yesterday that I was paying taxes for LAST year. Hahah

But sooo much has happened since last year! Many many good things. Some ups, some downs. Had a lot of creative endeavors, grown old friendships and fostered new ones, went on adventures, had prospective relationships, beach days, bonfires, musical menageries, started latin dancing!!!!! <3 <3 <3 written a lot, discovered more of my talents and more of my weaknesses, grown closer to the Lord <3 and am happier than ever to be alive!

Cheers to 2019. God knows what this year will bring! Published books? Marriage? Traveling? Love? Hope? Joy? Probably hardship, suffering, and testing too. Life on earth is wild ride, that’s for sure! But I am thankful to be alive! Thankful to not be feeling sick anymore.

Thankful for my jobs.


Thankful for my house.


Thankful for my loved ones.


Thankful for joy and hope and love!


Thankful for my God!


Let’s enter into this year giving thanks for all that we have, all the places we’ve come from, the progress we’ve made, and the hope that promises life, and life to the full. <3


Let’s think of more ways to give back and serve, and live our lives outwardly focused.


There’s so much beauty around … if you only are looking for it. <3

What’re you thankful for?



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