Thursday afternoons



It’s time to rest. I’m not so great at it. I used to be better at it when I was tired all the time. But I’ve gotten better and better at taking care of myself properly so I can accomplish more throughout the day! Praise Jesus for taking care of me. He knows exactly what I need and gives it to me!

So this afternoon I’m going to chill. Chillax. I have about 4 hours before going to a meeting and then going to coffee with shumbody. 😉 And then going to work 11-1:00amish.

THEN SLEEPING. Then working tomorrow morning at 8:00. Lol. Gotta get that rest in today…. a nap would be beneficial to my mind and health. As soon as my neighbor comes over and drops off my Christmas present I am taking a NAP. lol

Welp! She just dropped off my gift! It was a hand-crocheted scarf that her 82 year old mother made for me! So sweet ^_^ 🙂 <3

Hmmm to nap or not to nap. Yeah I could definitely nap actually hahah may have something to do with all the Harry & David’s “moose munch” popcorn I just ate…. y’know that sweet caramely chocolately goodness?!?! I freakin’ LURVE that stuff. A lil too much hahah dang it why WHY are my teeth so sweet?!?!?!

Live and learn. This popcorn may be inducing this nap. But live and learn. 😛

Hope y’all have a great afternoon.





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