dear one

there’s so much I wish to tell you my dear

but I know you can’t hear my words

I’ve tried describing it in five different ways

but each time my words reverberate off of your aura and explode in my face.

You’re incapable of hearing them

Your mind has been long made up

You have no intention of changing

You’re solid like a brick wall

You’re firm like my old mattress

You’re hard like the cold cement under my feet

and I’m not sure what it’ll take to dissolve you.

To cut deep and create a crevice for my speech to seep into

An opening that my words can travel into and slowly make their way to your brain

A channel to allow my point of view to challenge yours, and maybe change it.

You know the truth about what I’m saying in your heart

Yet you choose to build a new blockade whenever the subject is breached.

Time is my friend, dear one.

Our friend.

Time will reveal if clarity will ever be achieved

Time exacerbates character

I’m dying to experience yours under lights of every color

But God only gives us one day at a time

and tells us not to worry about tomorrow, for there’s enough to worry about today!

So I ask Him:


If this is not of you, please close the door.




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