clock obsessed

hahaaa so there’s a clock in the kitchen and my roomie took it off the wall. But did I stop checking the time every two minutes on the clock that wasn’t there? Niiiiiiiiiip

Checked it. Invisi-clock surprised me, angered me, confused me.

Clock- 53


I even said something about it to roomsmates and he said “yeah I never noticed how often I checked the clock until it was missing”

“and dooooon’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know whatcha got til its’ gone……”


at least I had the stove clock because I’m a WOMAN (jk) and my phone clock

but it just wasn’t the same. If only I had some extra AA batteries. Hhahaah that’s all it takes. But neither of us had any. Sad

So what’s the lesson here? Keep AA’s around. Don’t check the time so much. Or how about this:

Make sure the things you put on your wall are worth looking at. If you gonna be filling your head looking at them day in and day out, they may as well be making a difference in your mind and heart. This can and should be applied to other things we fill our minds with: books, movies, television shows, music, podcasts. Friends. 😉

The things we put into our minds are the things we think about. My dad told me that once. It’s good hard truth right there! Seems pretty straight forward, because it is. But applying it can be hard.

Considering how what we watch and listen to affects our thoughts, actions, ideas. Idk about you, but I want to be better. I want to get better. I want to improve. I want to be successful. I want to be loving and kind and compassionate. And goofy! And laid back.

So tonight I choose to fill my mind with things that will make me better. 😀 😀 😀

Also, I’m really going to try not looking at the clock so daggone much. It should be easier now that I’m outta work 😉

that is all



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