awkward full moon

last night the moon was amazing. the thanksgiving moon. it was so full and bright. i tried to capture a picture on my cell phone camera but it was no use. everytime I tried a tree or stoplight would photobomb and ruin the picture. i then tried taking a video but it was all blurry. the moon, the streetlights, the stoplights. everything was blurry. the moon didn’t look much different from a stoplight even. just slightly bigger and less colorful. #NOJUSTICE

im so lazy that i don’t care to use uppercase. soon all punctuation might be thrown out. so don’t be surprised if that happens

my job is awkward sometimes. i’m a lady hahah i mean im taking care of a lady. oh gosh im too tired to press the backspace button so yall are gonna get what yall are gonna get. thanks snake dog ipa. haaaaaaaaaa

so im a lady taking care of a lady, and near the end of my shift her husband fell asleep on the couch. i lied about the backspace button!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just pressed it like 14 times. #selectivelaziness

so he fell asleep, and the person taking over my shift was running late. so i peaced . i mean, i live downstairs so i just went downstairs. but its gonna be awkward for the next person. i mean i warned her at least. hahaha oh well. whatcha gonna do

make pappardelle pasta!yusssssss

and then go wash this hair

dis hair

did you know. that washing your hair less often makes you less dependent on hair products? seriously, i used to wash my hair every day or every other day. and my hair got greasy soooooooo fast. but now i only wash it every 4 or 5 days, and it’s way less greasy. weaning off da products #stopconsumerism freal though, it’s great. though it makes washing my hair way more of a chore



friday night, pretty overrated. actually, who am i kidding. if i wasn’t tired i would probably go out and do something. but honestly, i don’t care. i usually run around like a crazy person every day, so i got no qualms about doing nothing on a friday night

i used to feel like i have to go out and do things because i told people i would, or because id look or feel like a loser if i didn’t. naht anymore. hahaha now i value r&r cuz i gotta make sure im getting enough. it would help if i went to bed earlier on a daily basis. 😉

okay, this might be the most boring post ever written! so sorry if anyone is still reading this

i’m gonna go drink a beer in the shower and think of better blog ideas

kbyeee  xxxx



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