And still going to write this blog post. I’ve started about 4 in the last few days and never got around to finishing them or posting them so I’ma start from scratch right meow.

I should be napping right now, but I’m going to nap right after dis! Last night was Tuesday which means DANCING! Yes

Last night it occurred to me how special the place I go really is. It’s quite the hole-in-the-wall joint. It’s a latin dance social put on by a DJ/dance instructor that owns a local dance studio. He and several instructors come and dance every week as well as dozens of other extremely talented dancers. There are plenty of regular folk too (like me!) and it’s sooo much fun being able to dance such eclectic people.

Last night I danced with a french model multiple times. I danced with him more than anyone else. Hahaha guys, this dancing thing has brought so much joy and FUN into my life. And has given me some pretty great stories as well. Last night was a much better experience than when I went dancing on Saturday night at a new location. There were only like ten people there, and I ended up dancing with the security guard the whole night hahaha. 😀 Except for when I was getting harrassed by a drunk guy named Carlos who kept on trying to kiss me. Eww. After he LIED about being able to dance bachata. Ha! That dude couldn’t bachata for crap. It become quite obvious the mo we got onto the dance floor. I was like uhhmmm you don’t actually know how to dance do you. And he was like hehe uhhhh


Yeah buddy there was no hiding it! ANd then the whole “you are sooo beaUtiful! Your lips, your hair, your eyes. Woooooow. I want to KEESE you!”


But he did buy me a mojito, so that was cool. The mojito ALMOST made up for his shennanigans. 😉 lol

I’ll keep you posted on dancing adventures, and the men I meet along the way. 🙂

Meanwhile, I love blogging. I love the bible studies I’m currently involved in. People keep saying “Praise God that you love children and He is using you to teach them.” Ummm

Yeah I guess I actually do love children…………………………………………………………………. it’s weird to think that, type it, believe it? Acknowledge it? I just haven’t had a lot of experience taking care of/being around kids besides my siblings (I’m one of five). And some nannying/babysitting here and there, but not a lot. Kids are tiresome, loud, needy, exhausting. But So Are Lots of Other Things. It definitely helps to uhhm make sure I’m getting enough SLEEP –soon, soon– and take care of myself well. Besides sleep, getting enough rest in da Lord is vurrrrr important too!

SO I’m going to go take a nap, and then I’m going to work on my book. The one that is on Christian Living/Fundamentals/how to grow spiritually. If I don’t schedule it in to work on/edit the book, it ain’t gonna happen. It hasn’t happened in months actually. Time to pick this baby up again.

And then I shall go to work. With the grocery store along the way for my client. And then I have a night shift tonight at my other job. Before I start that I’ll probably play some guitar. Life is good!

Enjoy your Wednesdays, everyone. And if you’re bored, watch my latest video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XkOMfzZfRk


GOD BLESS! <3 xxxx


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