You know I must be sick because

I am not going dancing tonight. But more than that, I’m not going dancing tonight with the french model that I met dancing last week.


I am not well. Unwell.

And sad.

So so sad.

But God knew that I needed to stay home tonight. Siggggggggggh so here I am! Home again home again dickory dock.


I’m now gonna make myself as snug as a bug in a rug.

I didn’t yet mention that we were going to go dancing at a spot I haven’t been before. He goes every week though. Dang.

He’s an eclectic dude. I hardly know the guy, of course. But I know that accent is fire. Not fire, actually. That accent melts out of his mouth like chocolate left by a fire. A french chocolate puddle. The aroma is delicious.

Okay I’m done. And single. And tired. And ill.

Hahah I need sleeeeeeeeeep.

To be continued my friends. It’s 9:43pm and I have to start working at 9:00am tomorrow. Sooo I’m going to attempt to get 10.5 hours of sleep now. Shouldn’t be too terribly hard. I think it’s an ibuprofen kind of night. I never take that stuff, so you know I must be sick.

But come on, the dancing alone tells the tale. Let alone the dancing with the french model. Life is unfair sometimes.

But I trust God! And He weaves my story together. He protects me, because He is the Perfect Father. xoxoxo <3


More later




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