Life is good.

Y’know that? Life. Is. Good.

I ran into a lady the other day who didn’t share the same feelings as me. She was going through some hard stuff, and because I wasn’t, at the time, she assumed that I didn’t understand what it’s like to go through hard stuff.

Guys, life is hard. And I guess it’s true that some people aren’t hit with hard stuff until later in life. I was hit with hard stuff earlier on, and there’s probably a lot more hard stuff to hit me. But we have to keep on trucking. I can choose to focus on the hard stuff itself, or the hope and belief that God is in control, loves me, and has a greater plan than I can see or understand.

I don’t mean to undermine hard times. Suffering sucks. I never want it, and cry when I’m going through it. Praise God that I have learned how to cry out to GOD in difficult times. Praying all the time. Trusting. Waiting. Worshiping while waiting.


Last night I was feeling sick. And even though I wanted to go dancing, I stayed home and went to bed. 10 hours later, I was feeling better. So I worked today. And was feeling progressively better throughout the day. And here it is, almost 8pm, and I feel SOOO much better than last night.

So well, in fact, that I decided to clean my apartment. It’s been a whiles since I did that…. because I honestly haven’t been home. But uhhh it needed it. And now it’s looking a lot better! Lots of organizational shtuff had to be done. Filing of papers. Stacking of books. Organizing my gift box/wrapping stuff.

I still gots to go through my closet a little better and rid of unworn items. I feel like I am constantly doing this since I seem to gravitate towards wearing the same 5 articles of clothing each day. Hahahah 😀

It feels good to have some order in my home life. I don’t like to come home to a freakin’ tornado. I do treat this place like a base though. I pop in, sleep, do laundry, work, grab stuff, and leave. Being here tonight is kindof a rarity.

I like it. Need it.

Tomorrow is going to bee busy. Ish. Busyish. Buzzish

I have prayer & church. A meeting. A birthday party. Was asked to go biking but ehhh I don’t really feel like it.

And rest. Scheduling in some rest. Bible reading. Book reading. Playing music #worshiping <3 🙂


Spending time in the presence of the King. Need it.

Sorry this post is all over da place guyz. I’m just throwing all my thoughts here, as you can tell.

MMk time to move on with my life.

Focus on Jesus, not the waves.

Remember God’s faithfulness and that all of his promises are true. He is the Promise-Keeper.


And He is the Perfect Father. He takes care of His children. So listen for His voice. And listen to what He says. And obey. Trust and obey. For there is TRULY no other way.

kk more later, <3 xxx V

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