new shoez

Ahhhhhh there’s something about getting new shoes!!!!! Especially when they’re FREE

Yes, God is SOoooO good to me! I have been needing sneakers for far too long. Specifically small, cute black ones with mesh.

The last few days, my new client has been commenting on my shoes. “I’m worried about you wearing those flip-flops!” She’s kinda right; I’ve been tripping over them a bit. But her house is really hot and I’m moving around all over the place so it’s not my favorite choice to wear sneaker-like shoes.

Tonight one of my flip-flops straight broke. And it wasn’t the kind of breaking where you can just pull the piece back through the bottom of the shoe. The strap snapped!

My lady (we’ll call her B) said, “do you have any sneakers in your car? Or those flats that cut your feet? Not that you’d want to wear those necessarily…” I had told her about some leather ballet flats I bought last year, thinking I was making an investment on shoes that would last for years to come. Unfortunately, they cut my feet every time I wear them. I can’t seem to break them in. sigggggggh

I told her I did have those flats, but I didn’t want to wear them… I almost tried to tape or staple the shoe back together, but I asked B what size shoe she wears. She said 9. I usually wear a 9.5-10 depending on the brand– yes, I know I have big feet. DEAL.

She said she has some shoes around somewhere and told me to check in a closet near to us. There were some brand new black sketchers. She told me to try them on. They fit like a glove. I said “ooh wow these fit great!!! Thanks so much for letting me borrow them!”

And B said “Why don’t you keep them? Think of them as a birthday present!”

My birthday is in 3 weeks <3 <3 <3


legit these are the perfect shoes. Perfect fit, comfortable, breathable, stylish, not bulky… they’re cute and practical and puuuuuuuurfect <3

And I’m not sure B would’ve given them to me if I hadn’t brought her some chocolate and PB-filled pretzels. She asked how much I owed her and I said not to worry, it’s a gift! She said “it’s not even my birthday” to which I said “but it’s your birthday month!” [[I’m all about that celebrating]]

I did not expect anything from B for that gift. It goes to show how giving can be such a huge blessing! It can mean so much to people! And it creates a spirit of giving.

Now I am blessed with the perfect shoes!!!!!!!!!!!! And a stronger friendship with B!

Praise God, from whom ALL blessings flow 🙂

Have a blessed night friends!



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