almost midnight

and I’m definitely ready for sleep. I caught a second wind but I know I’ll be able to fall asleep once I lay my head down. Unforch I’m about to start a night shift. Luckily I don’t have to stay awake all night long though; I just have to check on my lady every 3ish hours, unless she’s making uncomfortable teeth-grinding noises. That’s how she communicates: by grinding her teeth. She doesn’t necessarily choose to, she just does. The grinding could mean any number of things. I usually go through the list and check out whatever she could need, and then pray the grinding stops.

Tomorrow is Thursday. The week flies by when one is having fun. I have been having too much fun dancing. Too much. Honestly. Hahah I love it though. Everytime I think about it I get excited. I am going dancing again on Saturday night at 10pm, God willing.

It’s too late to delve into the rest of my thoughts for this week and weekend. All I can say is, time is continuing on. October 3rd becomes October 4th. Night becomes day. Seasons change. But I feel … the same. The progression of my maturing is molasses slow. Impossible to see day to day, but perfectly clear in hindsight.

God has brought me a long way. just like He brought Joshua and the Israelites. Check out this verse from Joshua 11:6

“The LORD said to Joshua, “Do not be afraid of them, because by this time tomorrow I will hand all of them, slain, over to Israel. You are to hamstring their horses and burn their chariots.”

That’s what I choose to focus on. God carries us through every situation. So whatever tough situation is on your plate right now, choose to focus on Christ, and the work that HE is doing. And the situation will seem effortless and light. It will fly by and you will say “wow, is it really overwith already?”

That’s how I choose to view this night shift. By¬†this time tomorrow I will have completed it, worked, rested, prepared, worshiped, worked again…. Loved, laughed… listened to the Lord. Lavished life.

I should call my family. Time is short, friends. This life is but a blink. Let’s not take it for granted!!!!!!!!!!

Love to all…. Christ can accomplish within me more than I could ever ask, think or imagine. Ephesians 3:20

For His glory~


xxx <3


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