haircut and dancing

had to get a haircut, so I did. Usually i have a friend do it, but I really needed one so I stopped in Great Clips and got a shampoo and trim. It was maaaaaaaahvelous. I feel like a whole new woman now. Except the perpetual tiredness thing. But uhh I’m going to ignore that because I’m going dancing tonight 😀 <3

Yesss bachata and salsa, here we come! I have work til 7 and am then hittin’ da road. It’s in Virginia beach so I have an hour drive ahead of me. I should probably download some salsa songs onto my phone so I can practice the beat. It’s difficult! Dancing salsa is weird and foreign to me because it’s on the 8 count. But I will learn… eventually I will learn!

Actually, this weekend I may take a lesson. Saturday night? I got a groupon for some private salsa classes, and I know some of them are done on Saturday and Sunday afternoons and evenings. I am going to call ASAP. Maybe right now? Or tomorrow or Thursday. Haha the guy who owns the studio answers his own phone, which tells me it’s a small studio. In fact, the number I called seemed like it was a cell phone number? I hope it’s not a creepy situation! He asked me if I wanted private lessons for me and a partner or just me. I laughed and said “just me” and instantly regretted it. A couple days later I did tell a friend about the classes and he seemed interested so maybe I will try to recruit him to go with me… Then it would be less weird.  We shall see.




I wonder how many guys I will dance with tonight! It’s sooooooooo much fun to dance with so many different types of dancers! Last time I went to this Latin dance social two weeks ago, I danced with people of all ages and soo many different styles of dancing. I just gotta be careful not to get wrapped up in that sensual bachata stuff tonight. It’s hard because it is so easy to do, and some guys really enjoy doing it, so it’s a little awkward to throw the guard up and say no, though there are subtle ways to do that: like by putting my hand against the man’s shoulder instead of resting on his shoulder. And if he still doesn’t take the hint after that, then pushing up against the dude should finish sending the message!

Hopefully I just won’t have to deal with that tonight. Also, I think I will tell the dude up front that I don’t want to dance sensually; that I want to keep space between myself and him. Uggggggh I just remembered, I might see this one dude that hmu the next day a couple times who I completely ignored. #facepalm

Welp, gotta carry on! I’m super excited to go and hope my energy will be up and I will have fun! One of my girlfriends (at least one) will be there tonight as well, which is always comforting, and more fun!

I will give an update later tonight.





just got to my cousin’s house from dancing. Ohmuhgaaah dancing is soooo much fun. I’ve been told I’m a natural at it and lots of people can’t believe that I just learned about bachata and how to do it three weeks ago. I know I’m a fast learner but staying consistent is where I have trouble. Being consistently great at something. Buuuuuuut for the first time I am now following the lead of the Holy Spirit in everything I do. I’m pretty excited to see how He will use me in my dancing!

Praise God for dancing and music. Expression of the body. Rhythm. It’s so wonderful! I could go on and on and on about how much fun it is! haha maybe I should become a dance instructor. Suppose I should continue learning how to dance first. Plus, following the lead of a male is probably way easier than taking the role of leader as the male has. I can follow well and look like I know what I’m doing but really I’m just following 😉 I mean, it takes some submission buuuut

PS. My salsa was wayyy better than last week! It surely helps when you’re dancing with someone who knows how to dance too 😉

I’m excited for next week. Hopefully I can keep on doing this Tuesday thing. Also, pretty soon I’ma reveal some crazy birthday planz that I have. I turn 26 on October 26 so there’s that.

Life is good and exciting, and God is even better and bigger and more exciting.

Have a blessed night y’all, and keep your eyes on Jesus <3 <3



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