the good news it that there is hope. Hope for the future. Hope for the lost. Hope for the hopeless. Help for the helpless. Hope and help. These are two things that the christian is never without. Jesus is our hope, and He is our help.

I am tired. It is 11:44pm. I finished working about 30 minutes ago. I have to start work at about 7am again. Hmm. I think I can survive and keep up with this if I continue to eat less food. Haha it is just crazy to me that I’ve thought I’ve been eating less than I really have. i’ve been in denial for about 20 years. Okay that’s a little dramatic, but probably 15 years. It was in middle school that I started to be conscious of what I was eating and started to cut out certain food groups or assign a role of “good” or “bad” to those foods. Potatoes, rice, pasta were all in that category.

Praise God that He saved me and showed me that all foods are gifts from him, and eating in moderation is the key to enjoying all that life has to offer.

He blesses me so much. Every day. Thank you God for speaking to me directly in your word this morning as I was even thinking about being less than 100% honest with one of my clients about something which I thought to be slightly insignificant. But God showed me in His word literally right then as I was reading that I needed to be 100% honest. I shtopped reading the bible and looked up, looked around, widened my eyes and laughed. And then became humble and remorseful. A little bit guilty, but mostly feeling lucky.

I have a God who cares about when I go out and when I lay down. Lord thank you for using me in this way.

Tomorrow night I’m going dancing btw. No dirty dancing. Just bachata. We’ll see how it goes! Updates coming soon!

Now off to bed to sleep, rest, dream…………


<3 V

What are you hopeful for? 

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