Sunday eve

Hello everyone

It’s been a few days since I’ve written. I haven’t been home since Friday. I guess that doesn’t sound like that long of a time, but so much has happened that it feel rather long. I was on a camping trip this past weekend in Virginia Beach. Friday night when I was supposed to go, I did NOT feel like it at all. I was ssoooooooooo tired. Maybe this getting less sleep thing is actually a hoax and my body can’t keep up with it.

But honestly, eating less definitely makes me feel better! I have been eating too much all my freakin’ life. Sooooooooo yeah eating less ===> I feel better. AWESOME


Thaank you Jesus! He has taught me how to eat correctly and not be afraid of any food. He is teaching me self control more and more each day. Praise God! Praise and worship and honor to the Only Wise King!

And now I must sleep. I can’t think of anything exciting to write right now.



alrighty then

More tomorrow I tink. Just too tired.

Sleep is essential!

xxxxxx <3


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