he stole a kiss

and I’m not happy about it.

I met him last night. He was an acquaintance of my friend. I say was because he’s in the past, as far as I’m concerned.

She introduced us from 20 feet away. He was sitting, and I was standing near my friend and another acquaintance. He looked deeply into my eyes. He really looked at me and was intrigued. He was captivated.

I thought he was cute. After my friend and I departed, I told her that he was cute. My friend said “I know!” And then I asked her if he was single, and she said “yes”. And then I asked her if he loved Jesus, and she said “yes!”.

She told me that he is usually there on Wednesday nights for the open mic. There are actually a couple of different open mics down there. She asked me if I would want to come sometime. I suggested next Wednesday.

She showed me his Facebook and his tagline won my heart. It was something along the lines of “I love puns, theology and being awkward”. I turned to Maria and said “I think I’ve found my husband. Please tell him my ring finger is size 6.”

She laughed but I kept looking at him. How cool is this. Puns are one of my past times. I enjoy theology. Awkward has been known to be my spiritual gift (credit to my friend JP who introduced me to this line! <3 )

We were on the 2nd floor of a parking garage and people kept coming up the stairs to go home. It was just before 11pm. I kept hoping he would come up the stairs and we would talk. He didn’t.

My friend left. I left. 20 minutes later she texted me and said “the craziest thing happened concerning you. Can I call you?” And I just knew that he had reached out to her about me.

His stares were too intense. He asked me my name a couple times and repeated it back to me.

She called me and said “He wants to take you out on a date on Friday, but I told him you were busy. Can I give him your number?” I said yes.

He texted me last night and asked if I could get dinner Friday. I said I was busy. He asked me when I was free. I said today at 5pm.

We met at 5 and had coffee. At 6 he asked if I wanted sushi. Is the earth flat? No, but I definitely wanted sushi.


We talked for the first hour of coffee. We talked during sushi 30-45 minutes. He was cute. But I had seen enough. I knew I wasn’t interested.

His mind just wasn’t as strong as mine. He wouldn’t be able to lead me well because I couldn’t respect him properly. It seemed like his head was ~inthecloudsish…. and like he wasn’t free in Christ. He wasn’t paying attention. He said he loved puns, but I made one and he didn’t get it. He even repeated it back to me and said “right, yeah”. I’m not saying everyone is expected to get every pun I tell, but that one was blatant. I noticed he did that a lot. He repeated literally what I had just said right back to me. I said “that sushi was sooo good” and he was like “that sushi was so good”.

Yeah. It was bad.

We left the restaurant and were nearing the end of the date. I could tell he was having a good time and didn’t want to go. I was leading. The man is supposed to lead. But he wasn’t on top of his crap. He couldn’t lead me well if he wasn’t on top of things.

By the way, that’s oKAY. Not everyone can be on top of their crap all the time. I am fallin’ off constantly. Which is why we need God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit and the bible fresh daily.


I don’t have to settle for just any relationship. And I won’t.

So he walked me to my car and I could tell he wanted to kiss me. I didn’t want to kiss him.

I went in for a hug and he hugged me, but then he held me there and got close to my face. My whole body resisted and he said “is this okay?” and I said “umm actually –” but I never got to finish my sentence.

Because he kissed me anyway????

After he asked me if it was okay???

But didn’t wait for my response?!?!?




He obviously didn’t give a damn what my response was! He only knew what he wanted. To kiss me. And so he did. Even though I resisted and tried not to.

No. It isn’t okay. He was serving himself only and not caring about my desires, preferences, or feelings.

If you ask somebody if something is okay, have the DECENCY to let the other person respond. Haste makes WASTE.

I already knew that I didn’t want to go out with this guy again, so the stolen kiss didn’t make it or break it, but if I had been into this guy, the stolen kiss might’ve broken it.

Be considerate of others! Serve others and not yourself! Stop living to take. Live to give! Give to live! Giving is life-giving!

Giving is better than receiving. But forcing one upon another person is NOT cool. Don’t assume people want to kiss you either.

That is all.



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  1. I like posts like this. I felt like I was there observing the whole thing. I remember the first date with my first love. We were sitting on a big rock in a park. I asked her if she would be offended if I kissed her. She said no, that it would be fine. It was the sweetest kiss because we both wanted it.

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