God gave me a job

Yes He did.

And it was NOT the job that I wanted. In fact, it’s the exact opposite of what I’ve been telling everyone that I want. My preference has been to have a companionship caregiving job where I sit and eat and talk and eat and sit with my clients. Occasional grocery store runs or trips to the doctor’s office. Tasks around the house. And free time.

So I told everyone I know, and even some random people I’d never met before, that I wanted this type of job. 😀 And then I got a phone call.

It was a lady from my church, who had been on my heart for several days. If you aren’t a christian and don’t understand what this means, basically I was thinking about her. She was on my mind and heart and I thought about reaching out to her. And I had a feeling that she knew somebody in need. And ba-da-BANG she called me. And she said that she had been meaning to call me for a few days. Ha! I shoulda been like “yeahh girl you were on my heart and it was getting kind of uncomfortable!”

She told me that she hesitated in calling me about this job because it is not glamorous. That she was having a hard time doing it herself. That she understood if I wanted to say no. I told her I wanted to meet this lady. On Sunday, I met her.

She is helpless. She is 4 weeks deceased by her husband and bedridden for the most part. Can’t get out of her bed by herself. Needs HELP. She told me her story for about an hour straight. And then asked me “So, are you going to help me?”

And I drew a blank. I stared at her blankly… And blinked once or twice. About 7 seconds later, she burst into tears. “Is there something wrong with me?! Am I asking too much?” She began to question why it was that she couldn’t get anybody to help her.

Part of me wanted to say “girl, you a mess” and walk out, praying for her on the way out the doe.

Part of me didn’t want to help her or deal with her mess. Her sad situation. Her helplessness. I wanted someone else to do it.

And then I heard the words of Jesus in my mind and heart. “Whatever you did for the least of these, you did for me”. I knew I had to help her.

So I told Fear to hit the road, and I started helping her — B. We’ll call her B.

Ummm and I love it……………………….





And He knew what I NEEDED. And usually what I WANT and what I NEED are very different. And VELVET is not good at choosing what is good for her. And GOD always points me back to the Truth, places the right steps before me, and walks with me, step by step, in the way that I should go. And when I let him, he carries me. Even though I want to do it myself.

But when I do it myself I choose wrong.

So I praise God for this job. This opportunity to help someone in need. So much need. It’s been wonderful this week and I am very excited about helping her more and more, and praying that Jesus heals her.

God is good all the time. His thoughts are higher than our thoughts, and His ways higher than our ways. Praise God.

Because I choose selfishness. I choose isolation. I choose laziness. And despite my choices, God gives great gifts that I don’t deserve. And He takes care of His people. It’s a promise!



<3 V

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