dear future husband

you mean the world to me. Second to Jesus, of course

I can’t wait to meet you. Or maybe I already have and just don’t know it yet

I’ve been praying for you. That God would continue to make you into the man He created you to be.

A leader








after His own heart

after all, marriage was God’s idea. He thought it up. And what He brings together, no man can separate.

I look forward to learning the intricacies of your mind and how to make you laugh. A lot of my jokes are going to be really bad, just warning you. I wonder if you’ll be a great audience or if you’ll cringe more often than not.

I wonder how you’ll challenge me and how I’ll deal with it. Forgive me in advance for not realizing when I’m upset. For being quiet and withdrawn. Thank you for pursuing me anyway. Thank you for not pushing me and driving me to be someone I’m not ready to be. Thank you for loving me as I grow and am able to take on more.

It’s going to be hard, my future man. But with God’s grace, we’ll be able to conquer anything put before us. By waiting on Him. Calling on Him. Trusting in Him.

I don’t expect you to be flawless. Your flaws and my flaws will complement each other so I can support you when you’re feeling weak. and vice versa. We’ll learn to accept help from each other eventually. I know I can’t even see half the things that I need help in. It will be humbling.

Dear future husband… I look forward to the places we’ll go. The sights we’ll see. The cuisines we’ll try. The music we’ll enjoy. The comfort and security I’ll feel …. what joy will this be that I’ll have someone that loves me regardless of how I’m feeling that day or how well I’m performing.

It’s been a while since I’ve been in love. But none of those were forever loves. With you, it will be forever. I’m so excited for God to reveal who you are to me. What you look like and what ethnicity you are. What color eyes you have. I hope you sing. I hope you dance.

Lord knows what I need, and you are going to be perfect for me.

In the meantime, I keep my eyes on the Lord. I listen for His voice. I wait for His leading and always rejoice. Rejoice, again I  say rejoice! For this is the day that the Lord has made. I am glad to be alive today.

Dear future husband, I pray for you on this day. Wherever you are. That you are having a blessed morning and enjoying the sun. Maybe you’re thinking of me, too. Thinking of the day we’ll meet. The day we are married. And the days to follow.

Lord God, thank you for your sweet promises. Thank you for comfort and peace, and being able to trust you. Thank you God, that we can trust you. You are not manipulative, deceitful, vindictive, selfish, dark or evil. You want the best for us, and you alone know and have the best for us. Thank you that your plans are unstoppable. You alone are worthy of praise! Amen.