I don’t know how to Saturday

It’s odd, really…

I think I like having Thursdays off better. Because then I don’t feel some obligation to be doing something. Thursday was a day that I didn’t make any plans. I protected it and used it to rest, pray, read, play guitar and sing, go for a walk, sleep long….

I guess I’ve done all of that today, but it was in lieu of hanging out with friends. I was supposed to have friends over today but I wasn’t feeling well. So I’ve been chillin’ all day long at home… drinking lots of fluids. But yeah I did sleep longer, did a load of laundry, vacuumed, read, cooked some chicken & mushrooms/broccoli in a garlic butter sauce <3

And it’s 5:22pm now. My roommate and her bae are making crab legs for dinner and asked if I wanted any. I do because I love crab with butter buuuut I’m not super hungry. I honestly think part of the reason why I feel blech is because I ate too much this week. I’ve gotten a LOT better at the overeating thing and have actually lost ~20 pounds since last year — PRAISE GOD! — but I have a ways to go. 20 more pounds and I will be thrilled!

But it isn’t about the number on the scale so much. It’s about a change of heart. It’s about a change in my relationship to food. Which I have!!!!!!!!!!!! I have learned self control. And it’s awesome. But here’s the thing guys. Self control continues to grow more and more as life goes on. It’s a fruit of the Holy Spirit. I guess I could think of it as one fruit getting riper and juicier and bigger and better on the vine. Or I could think of the tree of my life producing better and better fruit of self control each season. 🙂

I realize the tenacity of mind, body and spirit. They’re bound together and affect each other in every way.

A friend told me about a woman she knew who was “taking the easy way out” by getting some sort of surgery where they remove all her fat. It was like liposuction on steroids. I pointed out that the lady was bound to gain all the weight back, and then some, if she didn’t get to the root of the problem: she’s lacking in self control.

I truly am thankful for this change in myself. It’s taken a long time, and I’ve come a long way. I look forward to seeing greater changes as time goes on 😀

Overeating puts stress on the immune system and makes your body work harder to digest more. Eating the wrong kinds of foods- sugary ones especially- also lower one’s immunity. Not to mention drinking alcohol. I definitely split a bottle of wine with a friend Tuesday night… and Wednesday night this week! Hahah not that 2 glasses of wine is bad, but my body isn’t used to drinking because I hardly drink.

I also didn’t sleep super well on Wednesday night … I think because I had eaten too much. That after I went swimming at the pool and worked out a little harder than usual. Then I ended up drinking the wine and snacking quite a bit instead of eating real food. The combination of things kept me up and a little hot during the night. I woke up on Thursday feeling tired… Thursday was a relatively good day for eating and everything in general but I snacked more than usual and stayed up a bit late for me.

I woke up on Friday at 5a.m. with a sore-ish throat. I also didn’t feel like drinking my coffee which is a good indicator that something is wrong! haah I drank it anyway though. Which maybe didn’t help my case. I fasted mostly yesterday and just drank liquids and broth. But then I ate a little bit badly in the afternoon… my client wanted to get fast food and she always likes it when I get something. Haha it might sound silly but I would have felt bad if I didn’t get anything (this same scenario happened Wednesday but I actually didn’t get anything then). Anyways, I was already feeling ill and like my head was in the clouds by this time but eating certainly didn’t help.

I spent the rest of the day at home, laying around, trying to sleep! I missed a concert I was supposed to go to… And went to bed early.



What I learned is this:

OH! I forgot to mention that one of my clients had a cold on Friday and I was with her all day Thursday. I think she may have passed something on to me.


I continue to learn smaller portion sizes. I continue to learn not to drink that much alcohol. Drink water in between glasses. Every time. I’m a lightweight and don’t need a lot!

I learn that doing nothing at home is good and necessary sometimes, regardless of the day of the week. I learned that God wants to tell me and teach me things, and sometimes slowing me down physically is the way He does just that.

I learn.

I hope y’all enjoy your Saturday nights. I’m probably hunkering down and doing squat. Hhaah maybe I’ll watch a movie. I miss movies, kinda. I used to watch so much television and so many movies and it’s crazy that I hardly watch anything anymore.

Maybe I’ll do a bit more reading. Oh! I’ll take a shower. hahah big livin’ over here.

I’m okay with it.




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