and I’m excited.


I remember staying up til 2 or 3 in the morning every night chatting with people on AOL instant messenger (AIM). AIM was the bomb. Soooo much fun. It was fun because people were on it. It wouldn’t have been fun if nobody used it. All my friends would go home, log in and we’d talk to each other. Hahha sounds kinda sad. But it was the way of things.

My Monday night group is really fun too. And it’s because people are coming. And we’re laughing. And learning. Growing. We’re in a healthy place… and I’m thankful.

Laughing hard… I love laughing hard. So hard that your face hurts! I wish I kept track of how many times this has happened in my life in a little book that I could go back and read when I’m feeling down. Certain times and memories pop up every now & again which is always sweet. I love how certain words or phrases spark memories that make me bust out laughing. Is it bust or burst? I actually like both. 🙂

Each day is a gift. Today was a really good day. I was really productive and feel good about my accomplishments. I worked on organizing my music room today which was fulfilling. I put all my art supplies into a three-drawer organizer that I bought. <3 I also bought some LED rope lighting that I’ma hang up . I started to hanging it using those Command wall hooks but it looks harrrrrrrrible. lol I wanna line where the ceiling meets the wall…. I think that would look cool. I’m gonna YouTube how to do it myself and make it look clean. 🙂

Rope lights smell really weird btw. It’s not exactly a bad smell, but it isn’t a good one either. After I was working with those lights I had to wash my hands twice hahah

Projects come about randomly for me. This isn’t random because I just moved to a new place so organizing and decorating are things that come with the territory. But I KNOW that because I’m taking the time to set up this space, I’m going to use it more often. I’m building a foundation for the room to have lots of practical use. And I’m excited!

Some things happen slowly over time, and other things happen all at once. Tonight in my singles group we prepared a couple parables in Luke for next week’s study. One of them was about building a tower. The parable essentially says don’t take on the task of building a tower unless you know beforehand that you’re going to be able to finish it. The parable warned that if you don’t finish it, you’ll look like a fool. Jesus ends up saying at the end of the parable that to become a disciple of his means being willing to give up all we have.

Setting up camp in my new house seems like tower-building to me. I feel as though I’m preparing to really live here. Live and thrive. I’m setting up with some permanence. I didn’t feel like I could express myself like that in the last place I was in. This place feels much more like my own…. it’s hard to explain, but I am at peace. And so SO thankful!

I also am willing to take on Jesus’s challenge of giving up all that I have and all that I am for His kingdom work. I know there’s a lot of work to be done and I know that He’s already gone before me and has prepared me to do it. I know that His plans are better than my plans and His promises are always kept. I know that he has given my heart desires to do certain things and I believe that he WILL bring those things to fruition. So I’m waiting. Trusting and waiting.

Just realized the time. 10:38. Time for me to go to bed. I hope y’all sleep well. I hope y’all dream big dreams and entrust those dreams to God.

OH I’m trying out a new pillow tonight. It’s a bamboo memory foam pillow. I got it on sale at a store that gets random shipments from random places. I was SO surprised to see the bamboo memory foam pillows there because I’ve been looking to get one. Or at least try one. There’s a hoity-toityer (sp?) pillow I was thinking about buying but I might not have to now. We shall see!

God bless


Love you all! <3


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