last night in this room

I’m in this bed for the last night ever.

The fan above me will never again cool me at night.

I’ll miss the sound of the crickets outside.

I’ll miss the familiarity of coming home to this address.

I’ll miss the path to my doorway… each slate stepping stone surrounded by gravel.

I’ll miss the big, brown sectional couch with my secretly reclining seat right in the middle.

The quiet. I don’t know if my next place will be as quiet as this. Though I pray it is.


I’m pretty much done packing. The only things I haven’t packed up yet are my clothes for tomorrow, toothbrush, face soap, lotion. My shoes. Coffee, electric kettle, aeropress, mug. Bible, notebook, pen. Laptop.

Tomorrow morning I’ma get dressed and ready, then make coffee and read my bible.

Then I’m going to clean out the fridge and wipe it down.

Once I hear activity upstairs I may go upstairs to throw my sheets and towels in the washer. I’ll at least bring them up and ask the homeowner if I should go ahead and wash them or let the caregiver on duty wash them so as not to possibly wake up his sleeping wife in the room next to the laundry room.

Then I’ll grab the tiny Dyson hand-vac and quickly vacuum out my dresser drawers.

Then I’ll vacuum my bedroom, closet, bathroom mat, and hallway.

Take out the trash and recycling.

Take a couple boxes to my car. People are arriving at 9am to move me out.

I should get up no later than 7am.

After everything is moved into people’s cars, I gots to vacuum the floor where everything was.

After dat? Grab bike and bike rack from garage. Actually, I’ll probably go ahead and load the bike first thing after taking out the trash so I don’t forget it hahaha


Got my morning all planned out. Not that it has to go in that order. Just so all of those things get done eventually.

Okay. Time for bed. Now that I’m starting to Google nearby salsa concerts. Hahah def time to sleep.





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