my last day of work!


I’m still living in Virginia, but I’m moving to the next town over. This is something that I’ve wanted to do for quite some time! My other clients are there, my family, my church, my pool, my BSF (bible study fellowship) class… my favorite trail to walk. It’s where I go grocery shopping and out to eat a lot. The only thing it’s lacking in is salsa dancing. hhaha but that’s okay, I’ll drive for that 😉

So. Today is my last 9-hour shift on a Saturday. And I. Am. PUMPED. I’ve worked Saturdays for the last 2 years and it’s always been a hindrance. I’ve missed out on a lot of awesome bonding opportunities with friends, events and festivals, farmer’s markets, weekend trips, concerts. I have taken off quite a number of Saturdays to go home for the holidays, to weddings, funerals, baby showers, missions trips and occasionally a fun event.

But not anymore.

Now this girl has got Saturdays OFF. I already know how I’ll be spending my first Saturday off…. at a SALSA WEEKEND CONFERENCE!!!!!!! Yup. I’ll be dancing all next weekend. And eating and sleeping a little bit too. hahahaha <3

There are a couple of Saturday nights that I’ll have to work for one of my other clients. But that’s just a 2 hour shift. And only 1 MILE AWAY FROM MY NEW HOUSE. Yup. No more 25 minute drives home at 11pm. Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!

God is good. He is taking care of me. Soooooooo well. And it’s taken all the days and hours and steps and successes and failures up until this point to get me to where I’m going. He has prepared my heart, my mind, and made the way for me.

And now I’ma go get into His word before starting my shift. I have 45 minutes.

Wishing y’all a BLESSED day~!

ps. I got out asked out during my morning walk at 6:45am. The Jamaican paper-boy/man asked if I’d like to go a yoga class with him. After driving slowly and creepily behind me for way too long and asking me if I did yoga, to which I replied “no”. That was the second of three encounters with him this morning. First he did the creepy-driving-thing and said good morning. Then the yoga thing. Then later he caught up to me and he asked what I liked to do in my free time. I said go to church. hahah yo I do spend a lot of time in church. I like to tell different people different things when they ask me what I do in my spare time. Depending on the person, and ASL I will tell them dancing or swimming or whatever. Though serving in my church usually is the first thing that I say… but it’s just funny how I was like yeeeeeeeeeah I’m gonna sensor myself from this dude. He definitely did NOT need to know that I dance salsa. 😀


on that note. bye!




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