good morning.

It’s 9:03am on Tuesday morning, September 3rd… and I am writing from the couch of my new home.

It’s a brick house with lots of space. To my left there’s a loft that overlooks the downstairs. To my right, a wall of cube-shaped shelves with different trinkets on them including a few of my own; games, a framed picture of my young adults group from a trip to Nag’s Head a couple years ago, some candles… including a “pink Velvet cupcake” candle 😉 never heard of “pink Velvet” myself … but when I woke up this morning for the second time my face was kinda pink. Maybe because I went back to sleep at 6:30a.m. and put on a sweater and striped light blue linen pants and bluish-greyish fuzzy socks. I also diffused some “peace and calming” … a Young Living blend that my friend R gave me. It’s the only YL essential oil that I have. I usually order from … friends of family and TOTALLY pure. <3

Anyways. I’m finishing up my derrissssshyyuz cawfee and then am gonna bike to work. A friend needed to borrow my car last night so I’m biking around a little bit this morning. Which is totally fine since I now live within 4 miles of all my favorite things besides salsa dancing: my church, clients, pool, grocery stores, restaurants, family & some friends. YES

I am so grateful to God for this place.

I will write more later, since I’m supposed to be at work in a few minutes and I’m still sitting here caffeinating myself. lol 🙂


errands/grocery shopping



meet new client

dance? <3 <3 <3

life is good.

God is good. All the time!



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