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Some people are more fortunate than others and have stronger family foundations that make striving for grace, wisdom and being loving clear foundational life goals. Other people are less fortunate and don’t have any hope or desire to become better citizens because they don’t believe everyone should be treated as if we’re on the same plane, especially if they don’t treat us in the same regard!

I will now explain to you, my friend, why I love Jesus. Read on.

Translation of above paragraph: I was a mess on the inside. And some days, a mess on the outside because of what I was doing to my body. I still feel like a mess sometimes now, but that’s usually because I’ve worn the same black sweats for five days and am yet to wash my hair — if you don’t know what I mean, you’re trying too hard. 😉

I don’t have to worry about whether or not people accept me because I already have the most amazing love that’s been handed to me for free. I have been intertwined with this love and wrapped up in it. I could not be shaken even if I wanted to. I tried to break free but my attempts were weak compared to the strength of my rock, my foundation.

He has a hold on me.

I started this post by telling you how broken I was, and how I was trying to be perfect. With Jesus, I don’t have to be perfect. I don’t have to work to please anybody, as long as I’m pleasing the Lord. Yes, the Lord’s standards are high, but it’s better to shoot for the moon and land among the stars than shoot for the stars and get stuck in the stratosphere, amirite?




Of course this is easier said than done. And friends are armour in awkward situations. Being alone is a different story.


One of my favorite quotes is: “I stopped playing for the stands when I started playing for the Coach”. The game being played is life. Humans are the stands. Jesus is the coach.

If He tells me to listen, I will listen.

If the Coach tells me to run, I will run.

If the Coach tells me to stay, I will stay.

If the crowd’s gonna boooooooo, so be it. The Coach won’t be impressed if I run as fast as I can to impress the stands. He’ll be impressed when I listen to, respect and love him. Because He’s the Coach, and he knows better. He’s been doing this a long time and has seen every play that can be had.


Do you ever notice how whenever we want to avoid something or someone, that very thing or person seems to appear everywhere? My friend Lisa told me that if she were in a room with 1,000 people, she was bound to find the one alcoholic in the room. Because there was always one that showed up. The very person she was trying to avoid would show up.

Alcoholic men gave her attention at first, but always disappointed her in the end. Though she always found herself going back. She dated alcoholic after alcoholic and expected things to turn out differently. Returning to the same places again and again is comforting, but doesn’t grow us, and we often waste time reminiscing in what once was instead of moving forward.

The Head and the Heart has an awesome song called “Down in the Valley” about hiding under the mask of alcohol. About how we do things “over and over and over again” and try to work back to where we started.

Everybody has a pedestal displaying the center of their life. For some, there is pride. For some, God, or love. For the alcoholic, alcohol is on their pedestal. They return to their valley of alcohol again and again.

“We may give our human loves the unconditional allegiance which we owe only to God. Then they become gods. Then they become demons. Then they will destroy us, and also destroy themselves. They are still called [loves], but can become … complicated forms of hatred.”





His job is to mold me. Always to become a better player. So when the stands see me, they’ll say “I want to be like her” and “how does she do it?”.


Trust the Lord.

I am weak without Jesus. But with Him, I am unstoppable. His great love for me challenges me to become a better woman day in and day out. His great love for me never changes or fails or stops, or is based on whether or not I laugh loudly at the wrong time, or if my weight is fluctuating. He loves without condition and His will is for me to love Him the same.


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