today was created for you

Day to day when I wake up, either naturally or with an alarm (or usually one minute before my alarm *shrug*). My first thoughts are always intriguing.

Am I still tired? Did I get enough sleep? What time is it. Where do I have to be right now.

Haha it was weird waking up in my own bed this morning because usually I am already at the job where I’m supposed to be. I usually sleep there Sunday night and roll on outta bed into the kitchen to make coffee Monday mornings. This morning I questioned what day it was because I was at home. 😛 😉

Gypsy life can be pretty disorienting. That, my friends, is why I require caffeination. (Should be a word if it’s not already). 🙂

This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it!

Psalm 118:24


Disorientation and coffee aside, this is a good day. I’m alive, healthy, all my limbs seem to be working… hey don’t make fun. It was NO FUN having a bum knee the other week. Well, it was fun in the manner that I had lots & lots of time to read and write! Fo reals I was like waaaaitaminute. Is this really what needs to become of me to force myself to work on my writing?!?! hahaah my extroverted/introvertedness really takes a toll on my writing dreams since I love being with people. BUT

Gotta make time for dem goalz 😉

So today…. I’m about to go to work. Then grocery shopping. Then I’ll come home, clean, meal prep…. and…

WRITE! I have two sections that I’ma tackle this afternoon. And if I tackle them in time, I may even swim before bible study tonight.

Ahh, living the good life. Single & thrivin’. Gettin’ goals, gettin’ gold.

Make time to meet your goals. And during that time you set aside, stay focused.

Dearest Lord, thank you soo much for all that you do for me. Thank you for your constant provision. Thank you for giving me hope, peace, joy…. thank you for enabling me to do the work you created me for. Thank you for all the ways you’ve prepared me for THIS day. Your wisdom and your ways are amazing. I’m in awe of you! I entrust every detail of my day to you sweet Lord. Amen.

Now go get ’em tigahz ;P




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  1. One of my favorite songs to sing in the shower and to sing anywhere is “Rejoice in the Lord, always and again I say Rejoice.” 🙂

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