one more thing

it’s almost 1 am but I just have to tell you


I’ve been watching for you out my window.

ever since you went by that one day.

and i waved.

and you waved back

but after i waved

i ducked down and hid underneath my windowsill

and your hair stuck out from beneath your hat

and your smile remained unfamiliar to me

but your wave stayed with me all these years and I hugged it like a children hugs his favorite blanket

you didn’t know who I was but probably had an idea

and that wave felt so brave but my ducking negated the bravery I think


and now many many moons later, I watch for you again

but you aren’t the same person

I’m in a new place, you see

and you don’t live in this place

but someone just like you does.

someone unfamiliar

someone interesting

someone with potential

someone unknown

someone new

someone bright



so I watch for you and wait for you and recently you were around

though not for very long

and I didn’t do my best to ensure you stayed. but that’s not my job

and in this situation: what willl be willl be.

good night <3

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