validation and red sauce

I’m up writing this post partially to give you an opportunity to validate me. The other part is because I need to share this sauce with the world.

Trader Joe’s already did. It’s their “Autumnal Harvest Creamy Pasta Sauce”.


And I simply canNOT get enough. I really can’t. To tell you how many jars of this sauce I have gone through in the last… week. Would be embarrassing. Six. Wait just kidding, that might be the last month though.

It is THAT good. I kid you not. I don’t know what makes it that good. Maybe the cream? The butter? By golly it’s delicious. I have been using literally everything as a vessel to get this sauce into my mouth.

Bread. Crackers. Pasta. Cheese. Pita chips. Lettuce. Eggs. Tomatoes.

I could go on. I might have a problem. Or maybe there’s something in this jar that my body really needs more of. But guys. The craving is real.

Cold. I’ve been eating this sauce cold, by the spoonful.

But mostly on top of other shtuff. It’s amazing. I can’t recommend it highly enough. And at only $3.50 a jar….. SUCH A STEAL. I was in Fresh Market the other day looking for a similar sauce and there were a few that looked like they might come close but they were all $7-8 a jar!??! I was like ummm nahh I’m going to TJ’s.

Funny cuz I used to make fun of TJ’s in college. I used to say Trader Joe’s was BS because their organics all came from Mexico. Cheaper to us because they underpaid workers down south and then ruined the environment by shipping stuff.

And here I am, buying from them. Hypocrite? Maybe a little. Oh the person I used to be compared with the person I am now. Oh the changes. Oh the seasons. Oh the priorities.

I still haven’t heard from youIs this where I start singing “Irreplaceable”? “I could have aNOTHER you in a minute, in a fact HE’LL be here in a minute, babyyyy”.

I don’t even really care whether or not I hear from you though, that’s the thing. It’s just my spontaneous OCD that is wondering why you haven’t responded to my message. I shall now go on to talk about sauce. And life.

Actually, that’s all for the sauce shpeal. Shauce Shpeal

On a fun note, only three days til I head to my writing conference! WOOOOOOOOT! Road trip! Definitely bought a couple articles of clothing for the experience, so that’s exciting!

Also, gotta check into the dance scene once again so I can decide which night/nights to go dancing after the conference each night. YaSsSSssS adventure time! Today I got my car inspected (on the 1st of the month, look at meeeeee) and it passed! Okay, I really just wanted to make sure my car would be okay on the journey to the conference because it’s six hours away. I’m not usually THIS responsible. And actually, I don’t recommend getting your car inspected on the first day or first three days of any given month because of the overflow of people leftover from last month that didn’t get their inspection until now; when it’s too late.

Praise God that He opened up a spot in the line of cars for me to get in there are do it ahead of time! Praise God that it passed! It has been making a sortof funky sound lately so I wasn’t sureee if everything was okay.

But I’m good to go! Excited to go too!!

Thanks for validating me. Or at least easing my OCD. Time for bed.

Life is beautiful people. God is good, and He cares for His sheep.

He cares for me. And He loves us all.


<3 V

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