saturday nights

dang it

I should’ve gone salsa & bachata dancing. instead I stayed home and watched videos on YouTube and ate weird foods from the back of my pantry and fridge. I haven’t been grocery shopping in WEEKS .. can’t remember the last time TBH. Well, I bought a few thangs around the time of the hurricane 2.5ish weeks ago, but it was like PB filled pretzels and granola bars. All of which are gone.

nah I had like a can of beans ……. some old caramels………. dates and a bit of cheese

Yeah I definitely should have gone dancing. Lord. Tomorrow is Sunday and I’m going to pray at 10 with my friend Joyce. Then I’ll go to the 11oclock service. May hang with my cousin Hannah as well!

a friend wants to cheel in the later part of the afternoon, and I may have to work in the evening. And then onto a busy week.

Monday is work and bible study

Tuesday is work, meeting, lunch date, work and DANCING!

Wednesday is bible study ………. work……… ?? then night shift

Thursday is work………… mountain biking? ….. work

Friday is work……..

Saturday work……. dancing?


Time. I have lots of time this week. I MUST WORK ON MY BOOK(S)

Play lots of music. Make a video plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God is good. God, you have given me much time. Thank you.

Oh! I have to make a video for church. Also, whenever I “have time” it gets quickly filled up with stuff. I should be grateful that the Lord gives me opportunities to rest. Even when it is boring to me.

Plus, Monday, Tuesday, part of Wednesday I will be away from home. I will probably come home Wednesday afternoon for a few hours, and then go back out for work before night shift. Probably will chill at home on Thursday afternoon as well. Hmmm

Enough thinking about the future. Time for bed. very immediate future. 11:24pm

Brush teeth. Make bed.

Night everyone. Hope you didn’t fall asleep before the end of this post. 😛



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