guys I’m soooo excited! I just registered for a women’s writing conference in November. It actually was supposed to take place a couple weeks ago, but with all the hurricane shennanigans it got postponed! Which I am THRILLED about. I didn’t register for it before because I was super busy with shtuff and also didn’t have the moneys because my client had just passed.

Well fast forward a couple weeks, and the conference is BACK in action and I have $$$$! PRAISE GOD I can go! I just registered and booked my AirBnB. It’s a super chic private room with free coffee, chocolate, and soap. I mean, how can ya beat that? It also has a keypad entry — more private, less bothering people occurs! I plan on checking out the dance scene while I’m down there, so I don’t wanna bother my host super late at night coming in. Soooo the keypad thing is nice! It also sounds like my host may not be there for some or all of my stay. Not that I really care cuz it sounds pretty private anyway, but that’s always a bonus!

Yes ma’am, conference, dancing… the thrill of traveling… God providing the funds and the way for me to go… I am PSYCHED!

As for today and tonight, I just got off work after 9 hours. Tomorrow I’m working a 12 hour shift. Then possibly going dancing… Prayer & church sunday. Then relaxing. 😀

Work all next week. Dancing Tuesday night!!!!!!!! Wooooooot lyfe is good. Life is definitely good. God has been SO good to me by re-teaching me what I’m good at and what I love. <3

Writing. Singing. Dancing. 🙂

There is so much to live for. I simply praise Him for helping me take the focus off of myself and put it on Him. He alone is worthy. And I am victorious with Him. No schemes of the enemy can change or break that.

Hope you all have a great night!

God bless xxx <3


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