bachata ain’t grinding

Here we are again. In the wee hours. Well, actually I tend to think of 3am as the wee hours. 2 is just a late night. It’s weird cuz for the last few years I’ve been going to bed earlies. Lately I’ve been going to bed much later.

Lessons I’ve learned today and tonight: a repetition of what I continue to learn day after day: my worth comes from God. A job does not define my worth. My body does not define my worth. A relationship does not define my worth. And my drive and my prize should be my Lord, Jesus Christ. He is who I live for. Nothing and nobody else.

Especially not myself. So when I dance bachata, I won’t settle for sensual dancing. I won’t settle for getting too close with guys. I will raise the bar from the beginning of the dance and let them know that I dance with space between my partner and myself so as to respect each other. Let’s put it like this: if I were married, I wouldn’t want my husband to dance that way with another woman. So I shouldn’t dance that way with a man who isn’t my husband! It’s also confusing to get all touchy-feely with someone on the dance floor like that and not develop some sort of feeling for them. Or they might develop some feeling for you.

It’s not the best. It is not God’s best for me. AND it doesn’t glorify God. 1 Corinthians 10:31 says “Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God”. I can’t honestly stand behind sensual bachata as bringing glory to God. I can’t. If it were with my husband, that form of sexual expression would be pleasing to Him as an act of love for my husband. But gettin’ all sexual up on the dance floor with non-husbands isn’t good for my christian testimony.

Mm. So that’s where I’m at. Many parts of bachata just is sensual. It’s a romantic dance. It’s very expressive and beautiful and free-flowing. But rubbing all up on each other is unnecessary, and definitely isn’t how bachata dancing has always been. That form has trickled in from selfish human hearts wanting to seek pleasure on the dance floor. It’s kindof like the judaizers in the bible times. They had to add all sorts of man-made rules to salvation. Sensual bachata is adding aspects to the dance that were never intended to be parts of the dance. Hmmm

That one may be a stretch, but the point is, bachata in itself is a wonderful dance, expression, way to spend time. The sensual aspect doesn’t feel right because it wasn’t intended to be bachata. Grinding is not bachata. Let’s keep it that way.

To all you new dancers out there, set your bar high! Be aware of the sensual aspect of bachata, and know that you don’t have to settle for it. There are some amazing moves that can be done in bachata, and the sensual stuff is so easy… Challenge yourself. Raise the bar to be classy, clean and make it clear to your partner that you came to dance not grind. You came to dance.

2:35am. Time for bed? I can’t keep up with freakin’ not sleeping. I’m not a vampire!

Thoughts are welcome!

xxx <3


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