haha it is 3:12am and here I am. Which is funny since a few hours? ago I wrote a post called “tired” and expressed how TIRED I was. Since I haven’t gotten a lot of SLEEP this week. HINT

Yet… I haven’t been able to fall asleep! Like, I tried to sleep at 11pm. And it is now 3am. That is FOUR HOURS of not being able to sleep. I finally said fugghedaboudit I’m getting up.

So I just prepared my children’s lesson for this week’s bible study with Bible Study Fellowship. And now I’m on here writing about insomnia. Definitely just got distracted by facebook for the last 12 minutes. Now deciding whether or not I should eat something. Humm

I was trying to get caught up on sleep tonight and instead I’m getting even more behind! There might be two reasons though. Lol there are always reasons.

Chocolate is one of them. Like dang, I really shouldn’t eat chocolate at night. Apparently I can’t handle it hahaha that caffeine content is stronger than I give it credit for. Does that sentence make sense there? Ehh I’ma keep it anyway

Another reason I will share with you tomorrow. As in Monday. Hahah kinda weird and vague and I’m sure sOooOoooOo many people are in suspense right now hahaha cuz I have suuuuuuuch a huge blog following 😀 lol but freal I will share the second reason on Monday. It’s kinda silly

SO 3:29 hmm I just looked up some C.S. Lewis quotes on sleep cuz I swore he had a good one about just getting up and reading or occupying your mind in some way when you can’t sleep but I couldn’t find it. I did find a quote by him that is: haha what! I can’t find it now. Guys I’m not fit for being an insomniac. Or perhaps I’m the perfect insomniac. Well whatever, the quote was something like “you can’t love well or sleep well if you haven’t dined well”. Dude I was about to adopt that as my new life quote cuz #ilovefood #foodie

Okay so I just googled the quote without Lewis’s name and it’s by freakin’ Virginia Woolf! Ha no wonder I couldn’t find it before. But someone misquoted Lewis before…. hhaaha or there’s also the possibility that the quote was in a list of quotes and the first name was on the google article and I didn’t click the article, but saw Lewis’s name and the quote below and ASSumed it was him

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah it had to be that. I’m not afraid to admit it.

Alright go to bed you whackos! I’m hungry! Or is that tired… or both… I simply cannot tell anymore!

One does not simply feel hungry every time they are tired.

One does not simply feel tired every time they are hungry.

One does not simply try to catch up on rest by staying up all night.

Good ones right? I should start my own quote business.

hahahaahahah yikes I’m going to go read now and try to fill my head with intelligent things


<3 V

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