I’m in love with the idea of you

Yes that’s it, the idea of you. Red hair, ribbons and Russian roulette

I must be in love with the idea of you; smokestack cologne I’m not soon to forget

I think I’m in love with the idea of you, cute face, boy crazed I watch your eyes

The idea of you smells-strong-tastes-sweet like rain beneath the silver skies

The idea of you sits beside me in my room and on the couch at night

The idea of you speaks flattery into the ear on my left and right

The idea of you is the ideal you and idealized men lie to my heart

You come when I want you to and leave when I want you to and say words that cater to every demand

But I can only call on the idea of you and don’t receive any calls

The idea of you screams and shouts affirmation and gives me kisses and applause

What’s wrong with this idea of you; or perhaps I should ask what could be right?

Part of me wishes the idea of you would challenge me to a verbal fight

So I bury the idea of you under muffintops and indigestion

Minor abrasions and adult discretion

A short walk towards God with only minor progression

I’m sorry Lord for the ideas of him

I’m afraid the idol has taken a stand

I’ve raised my head and my two open hands

I’ve memorized the future and potential plans

All according to the idea of him where wit and whim and whimsy thrive

Where thrice times two plus one is You alone and only forevermore

Lord I just didn’t want to be alone where dark and dim is my mood and heart

Lord I promise I do trust You and nothing can keep your love apart

Why would I worship the idea of him when I have a lover of my soul

A half that makes my own half whole

And I never have to feel alone

Alone is sometimes emptiness and sometimes busy wired trouble

Alone speaks lies and taunts my eyes

And makes me question if I’m seeing double

Alone I’m not, with me you are and ideal him doesn’t seem close

But the idea of him keeps tempting me and sparking interest where it intrigues me most

Misty air when clouds pass over

Dim my senses til October

Summer’s here but I wish it over

What’s the point if I’m alone

The lies pour in like rain pours out

And leaves me drenched in pools of doubt

Though on my solid Rock I stand

And I open up my lonely hands

While friends will bear their wedding bands

Where friends relate to me their demands

While the idea of you is love to me

Though I know that I’m where I should be

Yes the idea of you is pleasantry

But apart from you I know I’m free

Thank you Lord for protecting me

And making me the woman I’m supposed to be

Thank you Lord for directing me

Pursuing me & collecting me

For teaching me that love is only

Demonstrated perfectly

Through you alone, through you today

Today I beckon, today I praise.

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