Ya never know who you’ll meet on the trail

Saturday, September 5th, 6:16 PM

Still hurr!

Haha yeah so today’s day 3. In bed earlier than yesterday. Geezum crowe. And I got my period today! Joy! Almost summitted Glastenbury w/ Steve, Dan, Charlie, Mateo, Alex and Sam. But ankle was throbbing so I cut out early. Camped at the base of the mountain, will summit tomorrow. And get water. Steve’s really nice. And funny. He, Charlie & Dan work together. Dan’s girlfriend has two kids: Mateo and Alex. The three men do IT work, testing hard drives and stuff. Steve deals w/ logistics. “If a server’s down in Thailand, I can fix that”. Along those lines. Steve had a blog about weight loss. He called it “vanishing Steve”. He asked why I’m doing the LT– first time asked! I gave him a flyer for FH World Sports. (The “timer” is up, but don’t hesitate to donate!) Anyway, Steve was awesome.

Dan had a big head. He used to run “mini triathalons” 12 years ago but quit and gained 30 pounds. Now he’s in the “worst shape of his life”. Charlie is writing a book about zombies. He’s released 34 chapters. Steve says there’s a 2-headed monster named “Barbarus” in the book named after their nasty co-worker, Barbara.


Built a fire and cooked over it to save on fuel. Vegetable noodle soup… NOM

6:32 PM

I’m too tired to stay focused. And still gotta read 6 “days” in the Bible!

Steve asked me what I miss most when I’m on the trail. I said fresh fruits and veggies. I neglected to say: My Bike. Texting my cousin, Katie. Hearing familiar voices.

Last night I watched an awesome sunset. I prayed for everyone in my life accordingly. I prayed that God would heal my achilles. And he did! Now it’s my left ankle.

3 days til Ben & Jerry’s

3 days til skype date with C & D

3 days til a shower. And a “real” bed.

… Though I’m starting to love this hammock

>>What I don’t know at this point is what unexpected event will happen in 3 days… <<

John/Pink and Breeze camped with me tonight. They are LT hikers too, started yesterday… hiked 13 miles yesterday! And ~13 today. Damn.

Yup, my period is real… cramps, hello.

Peace & love <3 V

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