25 Reasons to Embrace New Beginnings

Whether it be starting a new season, ending an old relationship, beginning a new one, opening up an unfamiliar chapter, or shaking off old leaves, here’s why embracing change with open arms is wonderful~

25 Reasons Change is Essential(ly good!)

  1. Change challenges old perspectives
  2. restores hope
  3. Inspires new routines
  4. Sparks growth
  5. Ignites a lingering hope
  6. wipes away the dust
  7. Cracks open a closed door to let the light in
  8. cranks the rusty gears
  9. Stretches the sedentary limbs
  10. Lets down the gates
  11. Buffs away the dead layers
  12. Breathes in new air
  13. Rakes away the suffocating leaves
  14. Uncovers the forgotten memories
  15. Teaches a new tune
  16. Takes the pictures down
  17. Deletes the old messages
  18. Burns the old pictures
  19. Has a yard sale
  20. Vacuums under the rug
  21. Gives the rug away
  22. Acknowledges the old story
  23. Gives thanks for the old story

  24. Spreads your arms, closes your eyes, allows you to fall forward

  25. Begins again~


Here’s to turning new leaves in autumn~

<3 V

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