Thru-Hiking the Long Trail Day 2 !

Long time coming, Day 2. Probably won’t make a separate entry for every day on the trail but we will see!

Friday, September 4, 2015 6:21 PM

Geesh, I’m in bed earlier than yesterday. Granted I finished hikin’ ~ 4:00 today. Thank tha Lord. I am pretty freakin’ exhausted today. And my right achilles is tweaked. Wish I had some ice. Perhaps iburprofen will do! I heard it pull yesterday. And I said “ooh” out loud, in acknowledgement.

I hear cars on Rte. 9. I’m 1.7 miles from the highway. Today I left my sketchy “campsite” and headed up Peak 3025. Easy. Then Consultation Peak. Met “This Time Tomorrow” and his buddy soon after. Too bad his buddy’s name wasn’t “Soon After”. That would’ve worked well. Got water from a pond. Headed to Congdon shelter and had lunch at Stamford Stream along the way. Rice and lentils with bullion and crushed up cheez-its. Canya say GOURMET? Yum.

And then I crashed. Yaaaaaaaaawn. And read. And stretched. But yah, my achilles hoits. Then I talked to a young chap doing the AT for a bit, and 2 old men. One, a caretaker of ~12 shelters on the LT, the other, a southbound (SOBO) Appalachian Trail (AT) hiker. The SOBO’r asked me to turn around and go South with him. He kept smiling too. He was nice. An older, mid-high sixties man. Probably lonely.

Left “Cong-dong” (someone carved a “g” onto the end of the shelter name on the sign, cute) and hiked to Harmon Hill where I’m currenty hammocking. It’s beautiful here! View of Bennington is prime! Sky is blue with a few clouds. Haze in the West. Hope the rain holds out til tomorrow. If any. No rainfly last night, don’t wanna put it on tonight. PB & J’s for dinner.


Bowl of fresh Harmon Hill blackberries for a snack 🙂


wiiiiiiiiith granola and powdered milk. ^_^ NOM

42: number of spider webs that hit my face today!  Yer welcome for the breaking of the trail, ya filthy animals!

Life is good.

<3 V

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