some twenty things for twenty somethings

“Quarter-life crisis”

That’s what I was Googling last night. Similar to the classic mid-lifer except instead of dealing with whether or not to fix my porsche or divorce my spouse, I’m dealing with things related to not knowing where I’ll be living in a few months, what job opportunity I should grasp, whether or not to attend grad school, and whether or not falling in love will fix all of my problems or create many more.

So I grabbed some scissors and cut my hair. And then laughed. And then cried. And now I’m telling all of you about it.


Anyway, I went apple-picking with my stepmom today. So that was lovely. And I’m quite pleased with my haircut… I now have side bangs for the first time since … freshman year of high school. Almost ten years ago… Wow.

See? Another reason I’m breaking down. Time is flying by. In the wise words of Linkin’ Park, “watch the time go right out the window”.

…Not sure if I should’ve quoted that. Gawd I’m a dinosaur.

Haha I’m half joking. It’s not that I’m that old. It’s just a strange time in life where going to school isn’t my main priority anymore… and I’m wondering what that priority is supposed to be. Here’s twenty things that I’ve come up with:

  1. Loving others
  2. Working hard
  3. Building a fortress
  4. Mastering skills
  5. Practicing guitar
  6. Reading more books
  7. Doing what I love
  8. Loving what I do
  9. Hiking more trails
  10. Biking more trails
  11. Being flexible
  12. Being patient
  13. Being humble
  14. Being content
  15. Breathing in and out, deeply & often
  16. Travelling my heart out
  17. Seeking wisdom from the wise
  18. Avoiding foolishness and the fools
  19. Loving myself
  20. Being grateful for Every Good and Every Bad… which forms and shapes a better me every day…

To all you twenty somethings out there, keep rockin’ it.

<3 V

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