two vegan sandwiches fall in love?

IMAG3870Hey there. Are those red bell peppers in between your crusty layers? You know belloso means beautiful in Spanish, right? Mmm gurl, yea I went there.


Excuse me? Do I look dumb to you four eyes? Just because I’m covered in garb-anzos doesn’t mean I’m gonna buy your garb. As in trash. Your word trash. Get a better line, you tacky, green-less excuse for a lunch.

IMAG3871You’re cute when you’re hangry, Bell. Can I call you Bell? Your grapes look very juicy and ripe. Can I squish them under my pin-toes beans?

IMAG3872Bell? Was it something about my bread? Okay, I can take a hunch. I won’t take you out to lunch!!!

2 quick & easy vegan lunch ideas

sprouted bread my favorite is here with one of two combinations:

Number 1 (each makes 2 sandwiches)

1 cup garbanzo beans

1 t lemon juice, pinch of cumin, pinch of paprika, s&p

1/3 fresh red bell pepper

a handful of micro-greens

Number 2

1 cup cooked pinto beans

1 t lemon juice, pinch of onion/garlic powder, s&p

a few slices of cucumber

a few crunchy romaine leaves


Mash up beans in a small bowl and add lemon juice & spices. Spoon half of mixture onto one piece of bread and half on another for the two sandwiches. Top as you like. Add any other toppings like tomato, shredded carrots, sugar snap peas… the soil’s the limit! Serve sandwiches with fresh fruit or corn chips!


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