The Lobster Award!!

Okay, it’s Leibster. Thank you to thepoppyseedbee for the nomnomnomination! That’s my second one in two days. Excited to be posting more actively!

Since I still have quite a small audience, I’m just going to answer the ten questions from thepoppyseedbee (cute, stylish & delicious food pics on her blog btw!!) and publish it. Without nominating the same people I nommed yesterday. Can’t have too many lobsters running around the internet yknowmean.


  1. Your favorite lip balm? Highland Mint flavored Badger Balm!! Locally made (when I was living in NH anyway)! Check them out hurr
  2. Do you binge watch television and if so, what are your favorite shows?
    I haven’t had a television in almost six years. However, I indulge in many Youtube varieties as well as sappy Netflix films and series. Including Orange is the New Black. Though after this last season, which my BFF & I deemed “trash t.v.” I’m not really hanging off a cliff for the next season…
  3. Favorite book.

    Ugh. Too hard. Ummm don’t hate me when I say Anna Karenina. One of my bigger achievements when it comes to reading. But Tolstoy is an amAZing author. Also, Harry Potter. OH and books by Barbara Kingsolver

  4. How do you still motivated when you have a goal in mind?

    Try not to reach the goal in one go. Reaching a goal is a process. Reminding myself that it’s all about taking small steps. This metaphor can be applied in all walks of life.

  5. What kind of scents do you like?
    Oooh bergamot is my favorite. Vanilla is obviously great. And I LOVE balsam fir. Ummm and lavender. And patchouli. Don’t hate c;
  6. What foods can you simply not resist?
    Chawcolate. I’m SO CLICHE. Though I’m glad I live a plant-based lifestyle now so I don’t grab the crap like I used to. Now I eat amazing desserts that still leave me feeling light and fluffy rather than sick and lethargic. Like nicecream annnnd banana pudding. Or just dipping medjool dates in peanut butter and rolled them in cacao nibs. Yeeeep. No guilt. All Love <3
  7. Are you a sneaker, heels, boots, flats, or sandal kind of person?
    Sandals. I love my Keen’s. Kinda clunky but have nice arches, protect my feet moreso than other sandals and are sturdy. Only downside is sand on the beach.
  8. Favorite vacation spot(s).
    Growing up my family used to go to Martha’s Vineyard, or should I say “Vineyahd”, every summer for 1-2 weeks. So MV holds a special place in my heart. Now? Oh gosh I’m so young and have wanderlust so I can’t pick one favorite. If I had to pick… Virginia?? To be with family? Haha maybe lame but I love Virginia and I feel so safe and comfortable with my extended family there so it truly feels like vacation to me. 🙂
  9. Best memory in the past 2 years.

    Too many to name! The past two years have been simply incredible. If I had to choose? Working at Sargent Camp as a Sea Kayak Trips Leader last summer. It was a life-changing summer which I’ll never forget. I may do the summer camp gig again next summer. It’s just so much fun. And it’s GREAT structure for somebody recovering from an eating disorder because it teaches you that you can eat more than you thought and not “get fat”; that actually more energy from the right foods lets you be more active and consistent for the kids! Truly wonderful part of my recovery journey. Basically 2 years now, almost to this day!

  10.  Short term goals for the rest of 2015?
    4 more weeks of nannying!

    Hosting my cousin and one of my best friends, Katie, late August for a week!
    Going to Colorado to visit one of my other best friends, Alex for a few days (?)

    Thru-hiking the Long Trail in VT
    Working/saving money for the rest of the year before going abroad!


Hope this helps everyone get to know me a little better. Like, comment & follow me for everything from existentialism to vegan food to child care posts! <3

2 thoughts on “The Lobster Award!!

  1. What a fun read <3
    I agree that this last season of Orange is the New Black was disappointing and lacked some focus and direction. I also did not like the ending :/
    And yes! We have similar tastes in terms of scents. I love bergamot. lavender and chamomile is a great combo scent too. Very calming. 🙂

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