too much azucar


I think I ate a little too much chocolate cake. I just started to get angry and tired and feel a little sick. Didn’t take much tbh but I don’t do a lot of sugar these days. This reminds me of the time my cousin and I got Duck Donuts and I ate two and then told her I was mad.

Duck Donuts are made fresh in the store, hot off the press? belt? lol  and topped with icing amazingness fah days. That day I ate a maple bacon and a cookies and cream. 2 donuts. In a row. it was sugah sugah sugahhhhhhhhh RUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I remember it like it was yesterday. Sickly sweet warm gooey melty donuts. 5 minutes later, pounding heart, fuzzy vision, sick feeling in my stomach and head creeping up. Anger.

Too much sugar is not good.

Or OH! OH!!! The time my friend threw an ice cream sundae party for her 2 year old son. All the neighbors and their kids came over and piled ridiculous amounts of ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, sprinkles, marshmallows, candies, caramel sauce, fudge sauce, maraschino cherries and faith into their bowls. The parents threw in the faith. Faith that their kids would survive the bowls of ice cream and come out alive and strong on the other side. How wrong they were. How so very wrong.

Ps. I should be asleep right now, FYI, so if this post is drab or enigmatic, that is why. Also, I’m an enigma as it is, and this is a free association thought train running wildly down the tracks, headed for God knows where.

So the kiddos ate the sundaes. And they started running all over the yard. Up the ladder and down the slide. At full speed towards the slip and slide.

At first it was funny. Fun. Cute. Until the chaos ensued.




8 year olds start beating up on 3 year olds.

Kids are pushed to the ground.


First one kid. Then two. Then three. Then we’ve got about 7 crying toddlers.

It was nerve-wracking. My head was splitting and I started looking around for alcohol. I found a beer and cracked it open.

“Never again!” said my friend as her yard pulsed with the crying energies of 11 babies.

Half of them were not babies by the way. But that’s what excess sugar will do to you apparently. Turn you into a crying little baby.


I’m waiting for you btw. Where are you?

I was supposed to stop eating at 7:30pm but I was still caking it up after 10. That is because I always bring dessert to one of the ladies I take care of on Monday nights after I get out of bible study. Tonight was the famous chocolate cake that we both love so much. But I had already eaten cake. And then I gave her cake. So I figured I’ll have more cake. That was a mistake.

A cake mistake.

A big fat cake mistake? I think so.

It’s okay though, I’m feeling much better.

And now I’m going to focus my energies outside of my self and my mind and my desires and aspirations and what I think I want. I’m going to serve my friend. I’m going to be present where I am and trust in the Lord to meet my needs. To fill me and satisfy me. I’m going to seek His kingdom and His righteousness first and all these other things will be added.

God knows when I’ll get out of work. 



Outta work, time for bed.