Praise the Lord

I am not sick! And I got a shipment of books today! And drank good coffee. Also went on a sunny walk and had a lovely prayer sesh. Was productive… Life is good.

Now I’m at church about to have a pre-meeting meeting. Hehe gotta love those back-to-back meetings ^_^ 🙂

Today is a Monday. But honestly, I like Mondays. Don’t mind em. I actually like all of my days usually. There is good in every single day that our good Lord creates and allows us to partake in and enjoy. Yes, there are downs to each day. Challenges. Obstacles. Problems to solve. But we have the privilege of access to a mighty God who is more than able to fight our battles if we only ask Him.

Yep, calling on the Lord is the way to get thangs done.

I am so thankful for prayer. I am praising the Lord for this language that He gave us to communicate with Him and be able to tell Him about our days, our struggles, lean on Him and ask for help. But also to adore Him, confess to Him and rely on Him for everything.

Look for ways to glorify our sweet Lord today!! <3 <3 <3

More later.